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Who is deleting my posts?

johnny reb 37 | 7,708
22 Jul 2022 #91
Who gives a fu*ck if somebody goes off-topic for a simple comment -

This is not about going Off-Topic, Novi.
The clever posters here can write a whole paragraph post and only have one line that has the word 'Poland' in it so it is not Off-Topic.

It is about bias egotistical Mods that suspend members for doing the same thing they do themselves.
It's about egotistical Mods on a power trip because they have access to the control panel.
It's about egotistical Mods deleting post that have kicked their ass.
It's about egotitical Mods that diminish other members posts to save face.
It's about fair play here, Novi.

Who really really wants to deal with these childish warnings over and over...

You have been a bad boy! Time out!

How many times have you heard, "you are my students and I am the teacher" here ?
Does that explain it more better ?
Only when the egotistical teacher gets made out to be a man child his ego bubble gets popped and he can't stand to be diminished or shamed back.

That's why Novi is such an asset here with his two middle fingers.
Novichok 2 | 7,722
22 Jul 2022 #92
It's about fair play here, Novi.

I know. Just adding to your fire.

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