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Warsaw travel guide needed

High class Olga 1 | 7    :-(
15 Sep 2016  #1

I am looking for Warsaw travel guide can anyone guide me where to find it? Thanks

rozumiemnic 9 | 3,366    
15 Sep 2016  #2

I suggest you look on Amazon or Abe books
smurf 39 | 1,997    
15 Sep 2016  #3

Awesome pseudonym

Here you go Olga:
johnny reb 14 | 2,283    
15 Sep 2016  #4

I am very interested in all travel guides about Poland so I clicked on the website above.
A warning came up from my Web Advisor that this was a blocked site for me.
Is this some kind of porn site that you guys are playing a joke on us with ?
OP High class Olga 1 | 7    :-(
15 Sep 2016  #5

Yeah it guided me to some vague porn site also.Anyway I am in US,New Jersey. I heard the author is useless .I would like to find writers picture though.
rozumiemnic 9 | 3,366    
15 Sep 2016  #6 Not difficult now was it guys?
BINACA - | 1    
15 Sep 2016  #7

Better off getting some other book the writer has bad reviews
rozumiemnic 9 | 3,366    
15 Sep 2016  #8

"A refreshing study of Warsaw"
"I'm so glad I got this refreshing book before taking my fourth trip to Warsaw this coming August. Especially fine are the reviews of eating places, without any mention of the usual tourist traps. If you only buy one guide on Warsaw,let it be this one"

This is the only review I can find of it.^^
OP High class Olga 1 | 7    :-(
16 Sep 2016  #9

I tried to look for it online but cant seem to find any.I will go to Barnes and Noble tomorrow and try to ask if they can get me if they dont have one.I will be going to Poland next month so would like to have it ASAP.But thank you very much for the guidance.
smurf 39 | 1,997    
16 Sep 2016  #10

Why? You've been given the Amazon link twice here Warsaw-Travellers

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