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Warehouse workers / Order Pickers / Parcel Sorters Jobs available with Immediate start - Birmingham

recluze 1 | 1
21 Sep 2015 #1
Must know Medium Level of English to Understand Instructions of how to carry out work and pass training

BHX Recruitment are currently recruiting for a Warehouse Operatives, order pickers and parcel sorters in Tamworth & Birmingham

Attractive pay rates. between £6.50 - £7.50. Duties are general warehousing and order picking. A range of shifts starting from 04.30am to 20.15pm in the evening. We are a 7 day, 24 hour operation so this job will include working weekends.

Apply now with your CV. Immediate starts available. Temporary to Permanent contracts

Transport to work available (Chargeable)

We can also help you to find suitable accommodation in Birmingham. Any queries please email us and we will be happy to help.

Already in Birmingham and want to apply. Get in touch and we can get you booked in ASAP

The Key Responsibilities include (but are not limited to)
- Assisting in Loading and Unloading of Trailers and or Vans
- Sorting customer orders in frames
- Frame Loading
- Sorting Parcels - Manually lift bags and parcels from cage into the correct delivery route
- Maintain a clean and safe working environment
- Picking Customer Orders
- Ensuring smooth running of operations
- Good Team working skills
- Good Coordination and team working skills

Personal Specification
- All candidates must be in good health
- Numeracy and literacy test clearance

- All training is provided
- No experience needed
- Clean criminal record
Warwicktiger 2 | 19
22 Sep 2015 #2
Are there no unemployed in Birmingham?
22 Sep 2015 #3
And exactly how do you check for a clean criminal record ?
22 Sep 2015 #4
In Poland it's simple to get a certificate stating that one has never been convicted of a crime. Not sure about your country or how efficient the CRB process is these days.
22 Sep 2015 #5
But someone can apply from the UK to Poland ?.

In the UK you need a current passport, driving licence (photographic one) or original birth certificate.

You can not apply for your own CRB check.
OP recluze 1 | 1
22 Sep 2015 #6
its called third party sanction check and its effective through out the EU. Although most of our requirements are met by Police certificate TSC normally will come up with noteable criminal records

@warwicktiger job is advertised within UK and EU. so yes we are also taking in local people and people from EU. Since our requirement is quite alot we need both. Job is open for both we havent said that Locals cant apply.

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