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Transporting a small dog from Poznan to Woking

12 Jul 2017 #1
Hi, i need a way to transport a small, friendly terrier type dog from Poznan to Woking. The dog has all the correct papers arc.
Greenterry - | 1
28 Jul 2017 #2
Try contacting Numery telefonów

0044 (0) 79 2718 8531 (Szymon)
0044 (0) 79 2718 8530 (Monika)

0048 511 812 478 (Szymon)
0048 885 812 478 (Monika)

We used to move our beagle from Zamosc to Bridlington. All went according to arrangements made and dog was in fine condition on arrival

Beware of cheap offers as they can be unreliable and will tell you anything to get business. Traveling with dog on a mini bus is cheap but occasionally a police stop in Germany will stop the dog travelling any further. Make sure you are fully aware of rules i.e passport, injections etc. and that you use a vet who is familiar with process.

Terry Green

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