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2008 Toyota Rav4 for sale

O WELL 1 | 156
7 Mar 2018 #1
I bought the car for my son who used it for 3 years and I bought it to Poland in 2011,just put 9k miles in Poland in 7 years as I only come to Warsaw 5/6 times a year for 4/5 weeks. Warsaw where public transportation is very convenient and if need be is cheaper to rent a car.I am tired of paying for insurance and parking.

Its in immaculate condition with almost 39 k miles only,is garage kept and I used it with US plates for 2 years then changed to Polish registration and plates.

Its AWD,automatic,4cyl,all power seats,windows,ABS,5 doors,tilt wheel,roof racks,black with grey synthetic interrior and can be checked on CAR FAX till it was imported to Poland.It is all inspected to date with Polish laws and insured till date.I dont want to leave it with Komis as I heard they change parts and leave it out in open.

Pls PM or leave message here to contact if you are seriously interested.
Joker 3 | 2,326
7 Mar 2018 #2
Its in immaculate condition with almost 39 k miles

Rav4 are nice vehicles, especially having 4WD in wintertime.

You shouldn't have a hard time selling it with those low miles!
OP O WELL 1 | 156
10 Mar 2018 #3
No man,the engine is too big by EU standards with gas(petrol) being almost 6$ a gal there,it drinks gas like fish drink water,I think Ill post on when i go there next month.:(
Joker 3 | 2,326
10 Mar 2018 #4
being almost 6$ a gal there

Thats right, I forgot how everything is really expensive is in Europe, especially gasoline. No wonder they drive around in those tiny little cars. lol
OP O WELL 1 | 156
10 Mar 2018 #5
lol true.I have seen people buying 100k$ X6 but diesel that sounds like a tractor,when asked the answer is" diesel is cheap".All the big looking cars have twinky engines.

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