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Spirytus in Toronto

Zywiec1980 1 | 1    
1 Sep 2016  #1

I have several bottles available if anyone is interested of 95%. Pickup in Toronto only.

19+ of course.

gjene 12 | 189    
2 Sep 2016  #2

How many bottles do you have and how much per bottle? Could you wait until about the 16th or thereabouts? I can make a trip up there on the Saturday of the festival if you can wait until then.


Was in Toronto on the 17th for the Polish festival that was on Roncesvalles Ave. Sorry I missed you since you never replied. I have no idea as to when I will be back. Would have bought at least 3 or 4 bottles from you.
OP Zywiec1980 1 | 1    
26 Sep 2016  #3

Hi Gene,

I'm sorry, it looks like I mistakenly replied to the email notification itself, thinking my note with my personal contact information would have got to you that way.

I'd love to help find these guys a good home. I'll try direct messaging you with my personal contact information.


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