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Ślub humanistyczny - Humanist wedding in Poland

16 Apr 2018  #1
Looking for English speaking person to conduct a Humanist wedding in Zakopane. kindly reply with email or phone number to contact
Ziemowit 12 | 3,259    
16 Apr 2018  #2
What's the difference between a humanist wedding and a traditional one?
16 Apr 2018  #3
That it's not conducted by a priest. A bit like a half way between a church and state wedding. When you are not a believer but you want a bit more of a ceremony than the state one gives.

Sadly I don't know anyone...There was some website though... I will try to have a look...
I attended such funeral and I must say it beat any church one I've been to.
OP zokopane    
17 Apr 2018  #4
you are right Jaskier

thank you, will be grateful if you can let know any information.

we are couple from UK, had issues with state wedding, so trying to find humanist wedding organizer
17 Apr 2018  #5
Excuse me but can I ask why my response was merged with the OP? fixed:

I found one 'company' that speaks English and operates in many cities (not sure about the quality of the language or if they go to Zakopane):
The translation of the page is usually at the bottom of each subsection.

Generally this ceremonies are under the care of Polish Rationalists Group:
You can choose the language in the top right corner.
I don't know how good they are so if you need some more information let me know.

Remember though that this weddings are not legally binding so if you want to be officially married you also have to do the state part whether in UK or Poland.
OP zokopane    
17 Apr 2018  #6
Thanks alot, you have made real effort to give me the information

thank you
jon357 65 | 14,409    
26 Apr 2018  #7

These people have a lot of experience doing weddings and funerals.

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