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Language school business opportunity in a north Poland

ELT Business
3 Jun 2015 #1
I own a property in a north Poland city (pop. approximately 50.000+) which is currently unused

The property is located in the centre of the city near the town square, the rail station and a new shopping mall

It has a mix of residential, retail and office units including space that is suitable for a language school with 3+ classrooms, reception area, staffroom, kitchen area etc. There are additional units that can be used for further teaching space, very young learner sessions and a cafe

I would welcome expressions of interest from experienced ELT practitioners who would like to look at a partnership agreement for opening a language school or training centre in the building

This would require financial investment on your part but could include rent free use of the property for an agreed period to offset some or all of the initial investment

My background is ELT educational management, operations and marketing which has taken me all over the world, including Poland in the 90s

There is flexibility in whether I am directly involved in school operations and this would depend on the individual agreement

I am currently based in the UK but will be traveling to Poland over the course of the summer

If there is serious interest I am happy to discuss options - but please, no time-wasters or dreamers
3 Jun 2015 #2
Could you tell me which province the city is in?

I could be interested, but economically, it makes little sense if it's not in one of the wealthier provinces.
bobbystand 3 | 9
3 Jun 2015 #3
Good Day,

I'm also interested in location. I live in Pomorskie, looking for investments.
OP ELT Business
3 Jun 2015 #4
I didn't want to name the city at this stage but it's in the Pomeranian Voivodeship
4 Jun 2015 #5
You don't need to: in Pomerania above 50,000 but below 100,000 makes in Tczew, end of story. If it was above 100,000, you'd have said it was a city of >100,000, simple as that.
Wulkan - | 3,243
4 Jun 2015 #6
You don't need to: in Pomerania above 50,000 but below 100,000 makes in Tczew, end of story.

Tczew is not the only city in this range in Pomerania, don't pretend to be an expert that you are not.
4 Jun 2015 #7
Could potentially be interested, and I could take along a competent Cambridge course coordinator.

I'm not certain that a pure ELT business makes sense in Poland anymore, but a hybrid nursery-by-day and language school by night is a realistic proposition and would ensure usage of the building from 7am-9pm without having classrooms lying empty between 9am and 3pm.

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