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Land for sale in Southern Poland

25 Sep 2016  #1

I am British but my father was Polish and I have inherited land in Poland which I want to sell. It is located on the outskirts of Skoczow and is designated as building land. It is near the Czech and Slovak borders and only 5 miles from the popular holiday resorts of Wisła and Ustron. Popular for both Summer and Skiing holidays. It is 4960 square metres and, after consulting my Polish family, I am asking 80 PLZ per square metre. I am willing to split it into smaller plots if necessary or to sell it as a whole. Anyone interested? Or got any tips?

peterweg 36 | 2,354    
25 Sep 2016  #2

Or got any tips?

Yeah. Good luck.
OP Machlin    
25 Sep 2016  #3

Thank you.
johnny reb 15 | 2,944    
25 Sep 2016  #4

Let's see now.....a lot 55 feet wide by 300 feet deep lot for $99,000 !
Seriously ?
Is it waterfront property on a popular lake with mineral rights and have much harvestable timber ?
If it was 80 acres of pasture that you could raise beef cattle on I may be interested for that price.
rozumiemnic 9 | 3,516    
25 Sep 2016  #5

yes what kind of land is it?
is it good grazing or rough?
Johnny and I are looking for a place to start a beef ranch and pony stud..:D
oh wait - hang on - that is about one acre....LOL
cms 9 | 1,301    
25 Sep 2016  #6

Thats very pricy - certainly at the top end for that region and unless you have the media already connected I would have thought around the 50 zloty mark would be right. why are you going in with such a high price ?
rozumiemnic 9 | 3,516    
25 Sep 2016  #7

Maybe the Polish family have told him to ask a ridiculously high price so that they can say oooh look nobody has bought it, we will look after it for you....
johnny reb 15 | 2,944    
25 Sep 2016  #8

That sounds more realistic however you have to remember the old saying, "Asking is not always getting".
You throw it out there and see if it sticks, if not you have room to barter or come down.
It may be starting point as he didn't say 'non negotiable'.

Johnny and I are looking for a place to start a beef ranch and pony stud..:D

Oh boy, here we go !
I knew you were going to let the cat out of the bag sooner or later.
Now everyone knows that we are an 'item'. (that damn blue shirt of yours) ;-)
I don't see how a person could go wrong raising ANGUS beef in Poland.
They go for $10,000 Zloty each or more here in the U.S.A. as the meat is so tender.
The State here even will lease you land to raise them if you make improvements on the land like fencing it, putting a well down, building a decent road on it, etc.

I wish I would have came to Poland when I was 21 years old as there is so much opportunity to make some serious money and live a clean life.
country girl - | 6    
16 Jan 2017  #9

To: johnny reb & rozumiemnic: I live in horse country near Elbląg. There are lots of stables, horses, & horse owners in the whole surrounding area. I must move, so I'm selling my country home, barn, & 2+ hectares. Beautiful views of the Zalew/Canal & peninsula leading to Krynica Morska & even the Baltic Sea-seen on a clear day. Very natural, with a wooded section, & rolling hills. House & barn have many old original features. More land (which is not mine) is available nearby.
dolnoslask 4 | 1,675    
17 Jan 2017  #10

country home, barn, & 2+ hectares.

Is it classed as agricultural?

If so no one here would be able to buy it, you need to have lived in the area for five years before you would be able to buy, also you would need a agricultural qualification.
johnny reb 15 | 2,944    
17 Jan 2017  #11

2+ hectares

O.k., twice as much land as I originally thought.
It sounds like a very good deal for someone.
My advice is to sell it in one parcel otherwise it may take a long time to sell that last lot.
Post some pictures of it which would help people see what it consists of.
It sounds like a very laid back place and very beautiful of what I googled of the area.
17 Jan 2017  #12

Is it classed as agricultural?

Almost certainly. So, as you rightly say, nobody here will be allowed to buy it.
country girl - | 6    
18 Jan 2017  #13

If I've learned anything while living in Poland, it is that everything is possible - eventually. Yes, my property which is for sale is agricultural. A non-Pole would have trouble buying it with the current regulations in effect. However, a non-Pole could, for ex: have a Polish spouse, or another Pole buy it for them. Or a person could take the agricultural test & pass it (I believe Poles as well as non-Poles can take the test). If a Pole or non-Pole is not a farmer from the area, or has not taken the test, but wants to buy agricultural land, they can apply to the gmina (a kind of region) office for permission, which is not all that complicated. They have to state that they just want to live on the land & will take care of it (or farm it if they want) but do not intend to build a huge hotel, factory or whatever. A non-Pole will have difficulty receiving permission but it is not impossible. It helps to be persistent. For ex, they can also write to the Ministry of Agriculture to ask permission. If any of your family comes from Poland (i.e. you have Polish roots), & or you are in the process of applying for Polish citizenship, you can state your case & it would be a plus. One place my home is listed with pictures, price etc. is on otodom:

But pictures & descriptions don't do it justice. The appeal of the place can best be seen & felt in person. My real estate agent at this time is: Łukasz Wirgowski, ul. Kościuszki 108/2, 14-500 Braniewo, tel 506 509 259, e-mail:
dolnoslask 4 | 1,675    
18 Jan 2017  #14

If a Pole or non-Pole is not a farmer from the area,

You have to have lived in the area (or have a family in the area) for at least five years, there is no way around this.

I know this for a fact, I have owned farm in southern Poland for 3 years and I cannot buy more land at the moment because of this rule.

The only way around this is to get a local to buy the property on your behalf but this has its own risks especally if it's 800,000 zl
19 Jan 2017  #15

Do you also need an agricultural qualification?
How have land prices held up? logically they should have fallen.
Last official figures indicated that the average for Poland was 4pln/m2.

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