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Poland, abortion, opinions (Uxbridge)

9 Oct 2016  #1

Hello everyone,

My name is Leon, I am a researcher, and I would like the opinion of the Polish community on the recent controversy related to abortion that took place in Poland.

I am interested in seizing, as far as possible, all aspects of the debate. I would like to hear from both sides; pros and cons as well as to know if those of you, who do not live in Poland feel equally involved in the debate. The ideal would be an informal conversation over a cup of coffee.

I am in Uxbridge, for anyone interested I will gladly leave my e-mail address and telephone number.

For everyone else, I am more than happy to read your comments below.


OP Lolò    
9 Oct 2016  #3

Hi gumishu,

Thank you for the tip.That thread will surely be a good starting point.

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