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Looking for people whose ancestors lived Breslau/Lower Silesia (during WW2)

TV_documentary 1 | -    
10 May 2016  #1

Hi there,

I'm working on a TV documentary for one of the main broadcasters in the UK that investigates history of Breslau and Lower Silesia during the last days of the II World War. I'm looking for a family or people whose ancestors come from Breslau/Lower Silesia and they remember the evacuation of Breslau in 1945, or remember leaving Lower Silesia just after the war and they were forced to leave their houses, possessions etc. Maybe they also left behind any valuables or artwork? If you know anyone that matches the description, please get in touch via PM or email.

Many thanks,


Philip 666 - | 17    
11 May 2016  #2

Wouldn't it be better to ask on a German website.
3 Jan 2017  #3

Hi, my mother's family lived outside of Breslau and fled the oncoming Red Army in early 1945, eventually settling in a small town south of Hannover in west Germany. Will be happy to supply any information you need.

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