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Looking for Polish partner company for new UAVs, drones

mduda11 1 | 6    
18 Nov 2016  #1

Does anyone have any advice in partnering with an existing Polish company to offer a new UAV platform to the Polish and European markets? Anyone know any company that would be interested?

peterweg 36 | 2,292    
18 Nov 2016  #2

Be more specific, UAV's cover everything from a $20 toy to a $25million killing machine.
OP mduda11 1 | 6    
19 Nov 2016  #3

Long range high endurance high altitude ISR UAVs. Military grade.
21 Nov 2016  #4

Try attending this expo next time it's on - Also check out the site. swiatdronow.
Smart Robots - | 1    
19 Dec 2016  #5


Interactive a show - an exhibition of robots and drones!

Hello all!

You are welcomed by the Ukrainian Robots company.

We hold interactive a show - the Smart Robots exhibition in which many various robots and drones are involved.

Among robots there is "Kiki", " 100", "Alpha 1", "I-sobot", "Ez-robot" and many other robots at whom you will be able not only to look, but also to interact with them - to play different games, to talk about life or just to manage.

Also at the exhibition there will be a surprising show from 15 drones which won't leave indifferent any child and the adult.

Price: 20 euros.

This message, we want to learn your interest in a similar action. Whether will be to you and to your relatives similar is interesting to a show - an exhibition?

Many thanks for your answers.

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