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Polish nurses and medical staff wanted for work in the UK

terri 1 | 1,382    
30 Sep 2016  #31

Give a woman a computer........same as...give a woman a car....

jon357 69 | 13,499    
30 Sep 2016  #32

and if you move from one organisation to another you keep the same email address.

That's a new one. Usually you do not "keep the same address" if it is a work address. Usually the address is cancelled the day you leave.

Doesn't say much for the 'recruitment consultancy', does it...
Atch 14 | 2,271    
30 Sep 2016  #33

I think I've solved the mystery of Ms Foster, partly anyway.

On her Linkedin Profile she said that she worked for Manchester Recruitment International, which after a quick google doesn't seem to exist.

However the other organisation she mentioned Medics Recruitment International does exist in the form of a very recent Facebook page:

Other information available lists the company which was founded in 2011 as either dormant or no longer trading. The company now consists of just one director, the redoubtable Dr Quang and the other director has resigned. The one who resigned has been a director of - wait for it- a thousand, yes that's right, a thousand companies and has resigned from 998 of them!

Now I would be in agreement with Dominic that for a woman who's been in senior management in the NHS for several years, this kind of thing is really not on. She's used smoke and mirrors to misrepresent herself right, left and centre, to what purpose I can't imagine but it's fairly evident that anybody responding to her post would be unlikely to end up getting a job of any kind out of it in a hurry. It's more likely that Dr Quang started his company as a moonlighting thing on the side, has let it lapse and is now trying to get going again by creating a register of available doctors so that he can start approaching potential clients.
mafketis 16 | 5,706    
30 Sep 2016  #34

Usually the address is cancelled the day you leave.

If Dominic reporting her to whoever it was comes back to her, she could always just claim she didn't post it, but that it was done by someone impersonating her..... could the forum logs be subpeonaed? Is that a thing in the UK?

More and more interesting....
Atch 14 | 2,271    
30 Sep 2016  #35

I don't think she could get away with claiming 'it wasn't me'. I'd say it would be fairly easy to establish whether it was really her or not.

I think the Linkedin profile for the person called Hazel Foster (which gave her present job as recruitment consultant) would be the giveaway as it had 75 connections - I have a good memory - so it's likely that it's been there for some time. If it's a fake profile, then

a) Where's the professional profile of the real Hazel Foster? She must have one and

b) Somebody (complete with photo) has been impersonating her for quite a while (long enough to get 75 professional connections), so something would have arisen before now.

I don't think identity theft would wash.
jon357 69 | 13,499    
30 Sep 2016  #36

could the forum logs be subpeonaed? Is that a thing in the UK?

I think it would depend where the forum logs physically were - in this case in a different jurisdiction. The English and U.S. courts do cooperate however I suspect they'd have to decide whether or not it was necessary/worth it. That might not matter since under English law she's 'broadcasting' to the UK. I actually paid for a legal opinion on this (I was considering naming 'Exaro Nick' from abroad - Google him) and the lawyer said that although the maximum fine for doing it was only 500 quid, the prosecutor would probably extradite for it and in any case if it was readable (or was intended to be readable) in England it would be an offence.

In this case, it's the NHS who would have a lot of say, since they are the 'victim' however in my (not a lawyer) opinion it's probably a civil issue about terms and conditions of the NHS email service.
mafketis 16 | 5,706    
30 Sep 2016  #37

I'd say it would be fairly easy to establish whether it was really her or not.

With the logs maybe (if they want to take it that far), but she never became a member and didn't use her email, just left it. Anyone who knows her email could do that....
Crow 145 | 6,919    
30 Sep 2016  #38

But of course that are Poles needed in UK. Better outside of Poland then in Poland. More of them outside of Poland, less Poland is Polish.
Atch 14 | 2,271    
1 Oct 2016  #39

she never became a member

Actually she did, after her initial post. Then she changed her mind and closed the account. But she's left a breadcrumb trail :) If she were still working for the NHS she would be in a bit of trouble with them, but if she's left the job it will probably do no more than affect any references she might receive. Actually it's odd that she supposedly left there a month ago and now doesn't appear to have what I'd call a 'real' job, faffing about with a pretty much non-existent recruitment agency. It's strange for a senior manager to leave a post such as the one she occupied without having something else substantial lined up to go to, unless of course she took early retirement or voluntary redundancy. Perhaps she'll return and fill us in on the details!

Just to add, I checked the acceptable use policy for NHS email addresses and she's in breach of the policy she agreed to which states that:

3.1.2. You must not use the NHSmail service for commercial gain. This includes, but is not limited to: unsolicited marketing, advertising and selling goods or services

So even if she was still working for the NHS she definitely shouldn't be using her NHS address for recruitment activities on the side, on behalf of an outside agency. As a senior manager she would know that quite well. Very naughty.

I do work in the NHS and there is a shortage of GPS in the North West of England and I am working in partnership with a company to find GPs

However, the 'agency' she's working with is not endorsed or approved by the NHS.

NHS Employers manages a list of recruitment agencies who follow a code of conduct for ethical international recruitment, which involves a commitment to not complete recruitment activities that could disadvantage the healthcare systems of developing countries.

Employers are urged to use an agency that is on one of the recognised frameworks above and complies with the international code of conduct, as these are seen as indicators that an agency is reputable.

But neither Manchester Recruitment International (which basically doesn't officially exist) nor Medics Recruitment International appear on that NHS list.

I'll conclude by saying 'well done Roz' for spotting the dodginess in the first place.
Belleview - | 1    
3 Nov 2016  #40


We are a UK CQC registered healthcare staffing agency based in Chelmsford Essex. We are looking for a Polish speaking nurse for a special assignment in Poland. Our client is an insurance company in the UK who require a nurse to go and assess the medical & nursing needs of a client in Poland.

The candidate should be willing to travel to Poland for short periods to do assessments. Flights and accommodation will be paid and covered during the duration of the assignment. Top rates paid for the right candidate - min £30/hr.

Required education:
· Diploma in Nursing & UK NMC Registered
Required experience:
· General nursing: 1 year (minimum)
Required languages:
· Polish & fluent English

Please reply with your CV and availability to Alternatively call 01245 707464 for further details. Immediate assignment.

16 Dec 2016  #41

In response to some ofthe comments in this thread we would like to inform you that we are a registered legitimate business with legitimate aims. Medics Recruitment International aims to recruit General Practitioners (GPs) in NHS surgeries across England. There is a desperate need for more doctors than we can supply and therefore we are trying to recruit Doctors from EU Countries and we would be happy if you could help us with this.

We spend a lot of time and money recruiting in the EU and if there were no jobs available we would not be viable as a business. Our fee base is 100% on commission, our clients are all NHS institutions with CQC accreditation, GMC registration with license to practice. All doctors regardless of background must pass GMC registration with license to practice and under the GP specialist register before we can submit their candidacy to our clients. We also perform CRB checks on all doctors before they sign contracts with our clients.

Our website is currently under re-development and that is why you cannot visit it at the moment but when it is re-developed we will welcome your feedback on the website. With regards to the way the business is set up this is the usual format. We employ an accounting company to set up a company for us, they use professional administrators whoes sole job is to form companies and resign from director role once all the paperwork is set up; we then take on the directorship and our company is formed. This allow us to reduce our admin time and concentrate on the recruitment at hand. It doesn't surprise me that the director resigned from 998 companies in the past, it's their job.

We have seen many Polish doctors settling in the UK over the past few years. They have been an asset to our health economy and country.

We are recruiting GP jobs to EU doctors under the same terms and conditions as UK doctors work under. We feel that these terms and conditions are generous and would very much like the opportunity to promote these jobs to any qualified GPs in Poland.
dolnoslask 5 | 1,834    
16 Dec 2016  #42

They have been an asset to our health economy and country.

To the detriment of the health and economy of Poland, It's hard enough as it is to find a good doctor in the countryside.

"we are a registered legitimate business with legitimate aims."

But you carry on you have your legitimate aim of making a tidy profit to consider above all else.
peterweg 36 | 2,354    
16 Dec 2016  #43

As if Poland could give **** about paying their nurses enough money to live on.
dolnoslask 5 | 1,834    
16 Dec 2016  #44

So where do you suggest we find it . even if you take away all the salary and perks that politicians have , it would not make any difference, so tell me how do we find the money to make things right.
peterweg 36 | 2,354    
17 Dec 2016  #45

Poland doesn't prioritise spending money on healthcare. Even as a percent of GDP, Poland is one of the lowest spenders in Europe.,Healthcare-expenditure-in-Poland-fifth-lowest-in-EU

Not surprising that after three to five years studying, Nurses are unhappy to be expected to survive on 2200 per month

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