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Native English Teacher is looking for a job

8 Dec 2016  #1

Qualified English and Qualified IGCSE Maths teacher is looking for a job ideally in a school and also offers lessons at home or Skype. 8 years of experience (Wall Street English, Italian Airforce Academy, Famous International schools). Children, teens and adults. Privates + groups. From elementary to advanced. Preparation Trinity, Cambridge First Certificate, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, BULATS, interviews, resumes, business English, Teachers Training Program and conversation.

Email me:

*You always flunk the exam? you need to speak English to work or live abroad? I guarantee the results !! I really love my job, and I can help you without a doubt. Have a GREAT day :)

OP SabSab    
8 Dec 2016  #2

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Please suggest...

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