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I am a UK Native English Speaker and teach Poles to Speak English by Skype (Callan/tailored methods)

5 Oct 2016  #1

I teach English to Poles by Skype (Callan method/adapted to the learner's needs) as well as help with CV's, job letters and job preparation. I specialise in teaching Poles as I have been doing so for many years and understand the specific pronunciation problems/advantages Poles have and can help on this basis.

You can see a manual I am currently writing to teach English using Polish phonetics here which is a useful introduction to what I teach and why.

I do lessons by Skype as I know it is almost impossible for most students to get to schools as there is simply no time, and most students are too tired anyway!

This is the perfect solution to most learning needs. I am a native speaker, voice coach and teacher so Skype is very effective. I am also an academic writer and editor here and hence can help with all written work as well. I tailor lessons to individual needs, and do lessons at hours to suit you. Contact me today to discuss what I can do for you.

antimotivationalspeaker.webs com

Lyzko 17 | 3,659    
5 Oct 2016  #2

Hey, Rich!/ Cześć,Panie Ryszku!

I teach English as well, although not on Skype, not yet anyway:-)
Certainly be interested in exchanging thoughts on methodology, since I teach English, German, and have tutored Polish professionally on occasion, more US-born beginners, at this point.

Poles tend to learn other languages more phonetically than Anglo-American native speakers, I've found. As English is so chaotically UNphonetic, Americans at any rate seem to learn by reading, rather than by listening.

That's been my experience though.

Hope to hear from you, if and when you have a chance.

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