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Can any Polish (Muslim) girl help me ?

20 Nov 2017  #31
hahaha! This discussion just isn't getting to the real point of a woman converting to islam. She would expect the following in the future as a member of such a "peaceful " ideology. Regular beatings for trivial mistakes, control of all of her movements, female genital mutilation, execution for being sexual assaulted or raped, death for cheating or leaving the faith and sometimes for not wearing a head covering. For any non Muslim woman to convert to this obviously evil ideology they would have to be insane and would reap everything they sow. So all the liberal dummies on here who choose to ignore this disgusting religion take your virtue signalling propoganda somewhere else :)
NoToForeigners 6 | 967    
20 Nov 2017  #32
That Polish girl must be a proper moron. Good riddance.

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