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Meeting / English Club in Rzeszów

Lesley Smith 1 | 1
3 Nov 2012 #1
Hi, I understand there was a English Club in Rzeszow and I am wondering if it is still running. If anyone knows please can you let me have the details. Thank you Lesley.
Warwicktiger 2 | 19
4 Dec 2012 #2
Would appreciate any details too, I'm hoping to be living there this time next year!

Any one know if the English club still meets?
APF 4 | 106
10 Feb 2013 #3
No, there arent.
Edy - | 2
15 Feb 2013 #4
Hi Guys,

Crickey... I find it hard to believe that all expats keep themselves to themselves! I too would love to get together for a chat over a drink:) Perhaps we ought to get something going?! I overheard some lads speak English at the Wayne's Coffee the last time I was there....can't tell you though whether they were just passing by or living here. I'm defo up for meeting...any suggestions as for the place & time?

Btw I'm Polish although I lived in London for over 12 years and so I'm afraid the damage has been done:):) I find it such hard work sometimes to readjust although you could say rzeszow is my old stomping ground!

Thanks Edy
Dreadnought 1 | 143
15 Feb 2013 #5
Several of us live out Czudec way. Regards Steve....been here almost 3 yrs........then theres Eddy from Yorkshire, and a few more dotted around.
wozzy 8 | 206
24 Feb 2013 #6
I'll be flying int Rzeszow on Saturday the 2nd march,and usualy stay overnight before taking the bus to Gorlice sunday morning.
So if anyone is interested I usualy take somthing to eat at 'Szynk Rzeszowski' in Rynek, then wash it down with a beer or two.

Would be glad of the company, so if your free please join me ................. :0)
Dreadnought 1 | 143
24 Feb 2013 #7
Sorry Wozzy it,s a good hours drive for us on the road......but will consider it in the future when the snow has all gone, hope someone in the town reads this and meets up with you. regards Steve (out in the wild hills where the snow is still deep)
wozzy 8 | 206
25 Feb 2013 #8
Its no big deal, will carry on as usual.
So there is still big snows ? Ill have to arange the drive to be cleared at my home................... :0)
Dreadnought 1 | 143
25 Feb 2013 #9
Ha we came out of the house and the big melt is just starting, roads are getting better fields and everything that hasn,t been touched is still covered with 6 inches of snow.....just been out clearing the snowfall off the roof of the barn which had piled up half a meter deep in places, couldn,t get the barn doors open!! give it a week and some rain and it will be business as usual....time to get the tractor out.
24 Jul 2013 #10
I would like to meet up next time.
Let me know when. OK?
9 Sep 2014 #11
Merged: English Club in Rzeszow?

I was wondering if there is an english club in the area i would like to meet some english speakers, my name is Alex and im from Los Angeles, CA.
Pani A 2 | 28
9 Sep 2014 #12
there is a new forum which looks fairly promising that lists all the clubs and schools etc, expat europe.
Edy - | 2
12 Oct 2014 #13
Hi Alex,

Do let me know you're still interested in getting together. Myself and one other guy did run a speaking club last semester which in all fairness had more of a social feel to it than anything else. I haven't resumed the meetings as yet as am occupied with other stuff at the mo. Feel free to email me on
Jane D 1 | 9
16 Dec 2014 #14
Merged: Meeting in Rzeszow


Anyone up for meeting in Rzeszow in the end of December just for coffee and chatt about living in Poland?

Thx guys :)
Looker - | 1,103
22 Dec 2014 #15
You may ask someone from Polonus Centre in Rzeszow
23 Dec 2014 #16
Love to, but I suspect you are a younger person? I am English, married to a Polish wife from another part of Poland. We came here to buy a farm and live the good life (pretend farm - we don't have to grow anything if we don't want...just fun). Living here in the country (great life) about 30 mins drive from Rszesow, lovely town, if I lived in or very near, I wouldn't ever use my car, bike paths everywhere and wide pavements, in theory there should be no-one fat or unfit, because of the wide pavements in most areas and the place is actually good to look at in most areas..not ugly) I don't know what you want so I can't give advice....but it is in general a nice place, not heard any of the other Brits around say anything bad about it. There are younger Brits living/working in Rszesow and near so I will let them advise you best wishes for the season and good luck. (big disappointment this year.......where's all the snow......the runners on my sleigh are rusting !!!!!!)
Warwicktiger 2 | 19
22 Aug 2015 #17
Merged: English speakers or people in Rzeszow??

I am visiting Rzeszow for the first time 06-12 September, has anyone some free time for chat about living there?
22 Aug 2015 #18
Many English speakers this time of year in the shopping malls, some I suspect are Polish American. I have not been hearing as many English voices lately.
Marti11 - | 1
28 Jan 2016 #19
Merged: Any English native speaker in Rzeszów ?

Hi, I'm looking for an english native speaker who lives in Rzeszów because I'd like to practice my speaking english. I could repay you with polish.
29 Jul 2016 #20
Marti11 not sure if your still looking, doubtful I'm sure but I'm going to be back in Rzeszow in Sept if that would be of any use
Piotr L.
8 Oct 2016 #21

I've just came back from Canada with kids speaking English.
I am just wondering if some of you have kids here in Poland (in Rzeszow area) and would be interested in meeting from time to time so that our kids could practice their English.


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