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D&D Group for Expats in Warsaw needs one more player...

cms 9 | 1,255
4 Oct 2014 #61
This has been a free country for 25 years. Its ok to do RPG, its ok to drink in an expat pub and its ok to go to a market with your wife. in fact I know people that do all 3. Live and let live guys.
Wulkan - | 3,243
4 Oct 2014 #62
Its ok to do RPG, its ok to drink in an expat pub and its ok to go to a market with your wife.

And you think it wasn't ok before 25 years ago?
OP The Shadow 3 | 86
29 Oct 2014 #63
Mark used to be an average student. He was getting along OK with his English and Maths skills until he started to play role-playing games.

Let us take a trip back in time around twenty nine years ago to the year 1985....Since that time Mark has improved off the charts in English, Maths and his ability to communicate in a classroom environment.

[I recall mentioning the benefits of RPGs to a director of language studies in a Warsaw language school, about 2006, and being treated like a Satanist.]

I remember a task where each of us were given a sheet of paper (or perhaps it was on the black board) and the teacher asked us if we were going to travel to a different planet, say Mars, what on the list of items would we take with us. Apparently the test was one that they used on astronauts in NASA at the time to identify aptitude for ingenuity in the role.

Problem solving here is the skill that is difficult to explain and teach to, but in reality this is what an RPG is all about. An RPG is all about the GM giving the player(s) a situation that is an issue or a problem and the players overcoming that problem with a set of bounds (character statistics, skills, inventory, environment etc.) so using the RPG in this manner is a perfect way to highlight that problem solving is all about using an incremental process of varying smaller skills to come up with a solution.

[This is how I frame the invitation to the game we play - not as a system of rules but as a method of conversational engagement on a neutral topic. Getting acquainted with strangers by observing how they go about problem solving; seeking commonalities through discourse and innovative thought through interaction.]

Interesting article.
commodoreKid - | 6
18 Nov 2014 #64
Merged: Is there a good, home-like location to play D&D in Warsaw?

We have been playing at my friend's flat for twice and it's really good to have food and the comfort of an apartment but at the same time not very polite for the household. We tried Paradox Cafe before, a cafe that is especially opened up for role-playing and war-gaming lovers like us, but it wasn't that silent, it was rather crowded, it does not have much space either.

Do you know any other place we could meet up and play while we sip our beers? I'm searching for a place that is not loud and cramped.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
18 Nov 2014 #65
Check this forum:
OP The Shadow 3 | 86
19 Nov 2014 #66
Do you know any other place we could meet up and play while we sip our beers? I'm searching for a place that is not loud and cramped

I can't help you with that. If you are looking for a location with a home environment but you do not want to play at home, that's a bit too much of a challenge for me. Unless I am a contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionnaire and this is one of the questions, I do not want to deal with it.

I recommend you recruit another player who has a home-like place in which to play. has a Polish language Warsaw board game group and Facebook has a mixed language group. Good luck.
Lonman 4 | 111
10 Feb 2015 #67
This is fun. Boys and girls together...
13 Mar 2016 #68

I just moved to Warsaw and looking for a RPG (Role-play) group. Does this group still exist?
I had to left mine group back in Prague and now more than two months without game. :-(

Found Paradox Cafe on web and will check but looking for home game somewhere. These cafes usually good for a short session but not for a weekend day long one.

If you have idea just inform me.

OP The Shadow 3 | 86
14 Mar 2016 #69
I have not actively recruited since becoming discouraged by the number, encumbered by the weight, of Sheldon Cooper types the hobby attracted to my home, and to the other normal people; people who left the group to the Sheldon Cooper types I had to shoo away and rebuild like Sisyphus. It was like I was shooting myself in the knee with this project. I admit it now.

I put up a valiant effort. I defended here, as best I could, so that my message "Normal People Wanted For Friendly Get-To-Know-You Games" and "to make friends" could rise above the noise of the alternate message often argued here: "RPGs attract loners exhibiting social retard behaviours." I really tried to attract "quote" normal "unquote" people (being normal myself) but the ratio of people between the two types was too great. I spent way too much time with pedantic rules lawyers lacking imagination and creativity that made me dread game day. I would have left the group too, as I did the group page I started on Facebook, were it not the fact that this was my group. So I tried harder. As a result of the mix of people, I remain friendless: the normal people shun the "quote" weirdos "unquote" associated in their mind forever to role-playing games now and I have no interest to wrestle the throne of king geek from those that remain. In fact, I have distanced myself.

I recall my days enjoying this hobby when camaraderie was more important than rules. Those were days when a player did not have to know every rule just to justify what they wanted to do in a game of imagination, when common sense ruled the day, and players were free to engross themselves in play without someone else interrupting them with an interjection of "meta-game!" clamming them up and breaking their fun in the process. Normal people are not RPG-hooligans and we have better things to do with our leisure time than to argue.

To us, such behaviour is not "quote/unquote" fun.

Good luck.

* In fact, I have distanced myself.

To be honest, this is not hard to do since the geeks are not social towards anyone but themselves and merely kept me around to recruit players for themselves, which is how it turned out.

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