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English speaking solicitor in Wroclaw

Karl1983 7 | 40
28 Oct 2018  #1
Good afternoon. I would be very grateful if anyone on here could recommend an English speaking solicitor in and around the Wroclaw area. Thank you very much.
Lyzko 20 | 6,038
28 Oct 2018  #2
First of all, the main thing is to locate a solicitor fluent in your native language. Probably any number of competent lawyers in a big city such as Wroclaw, Warszawa, Krakow etc. will know excellent English. On the other hand, there are doubtless plenty who don't, therefore, I'd recommend (short of procuring such a person before coming to Poland) hiring a well-seasoned interpreter, recommended to you either through personal contacts or the local Polish Consulate in your country.

Merely my thoughts on the subject.
Good luck!

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