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English-speaking nanny in Warsaw - how to find one?

Ingridz1 1 | 1    
2 Aug 2015  #1

Hi all,

Help. We just moved to Warsaw. Where and how to find an English-speaking nanny for my 3-year old? thanks!

Jardinero 1 | 396    
2 Aug 2015  #2

Here's one in EN:
If you know PL then you could try or
OP Ingridz1 1 | 1    
2 Aug 2015  #3

kokoszyn - | 6    
3 Aug 2015  #4

Wow, so Poles are low paid slave-workers of foreigners already in their own country. Thank you Balcerowicz for 25 years of post-transformation "progress" :D
17 May 2017  #5

I m looking for a full time nanny in warsaw starting from september. She will have to work from 8 am to 5.30pm from monday to friday to take care of a 13 months old baby boy.

Languages spoken at home are french and italian but emglish and spanish are also accepted.
Car is not needed as we live in city center.
If interested please contact me at

Home / Classifieds / English-speaking nanny in Warsaw - how to find one?
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