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English native in Southampton UK learning Polish

kaczka411 2 | 3    
5 Jan 2017  #1


I'm a 30 year old english guy living in Southampton uk looking for native polish speakers to exchange language skills with :) I already understand a lot and speak/write quite well but I'd like more practise with new friends. I'm always happy to make new friends and I can even cook a few traditional polish dishes haha (pierogi, kotlety, zupy itd.).

drop me a line if you are interested :)

6 Jan 2017  #2

Hey kaczka411! I'm sure you'll find someone soon. If not, check out italki. It has a free directory of people looking for language partners to exchange with. There might be some in your area. If not, you can always use Skype to talk to them. Here's my referral link:

You don't have to use my referral link, but if you sign up with it, they'll give you (and me) a free lesson should you choose to take a paid lesson with one of their teachers. (I never bothered, the language partners on there were more than enough for my purposes)
WhirlwindTobias - | 87    
6 Jan 2017  #3

+1 on italki, used it plenty myself. You'll not likely find a native Pole on there living in your area though, because they can just step outside to become immersed in English. There's plenty of Poles there looking for Native English speakers though, you won't even have to send any messages out - You'll get plenty in your inbox just from being logged on.

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