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Apartment to rent at Saska Kępa in Warsaw - 40m2

10 Jan 2017  #1

One of the nicest locations in Warsaw - the Saska Kepa Londynska St. A 39 sq.m flat - fully furnished and equipped offered for rent. It consists of one large room , hall,big kitchen /dining which can serve as a daily small living room , bathroom . The flat has undergone renovation and modernization.It is situated on II nd floor in a small III storey house.Old green and very civillised area around : shops ,cafes and pubs - walking distance to Francuska St.,the high street of Saska Kepa with its numerous restaurants and bars. National Stadium nearby - trams and buses go frequently to downtown and university area.The flat is fully equipped - one can move in with just a suitcase ...internet-fast connection wi-fi , TV set , stationary phone.To be

rented for not less than 6 months.Price PLN 2.200-- per month with all utility costs included.Can be rented as from 05 Jan.2017 .Suitable best for

a single resident or max.two people/couple Marek at 00 48 602 538 323. Send me a message for photos at

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