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Polish actors needed to play a role in Leeds

1 Nov 2017 #1

I'm a student from the Northern Film School in Leeds and together with my crew we're shooting a film between the 11th -14th December based around a Polish father and son who move to England and get torn between the idea of what is home. We're looking for a male child and male to play the role of Stefan and Jakub (short description below).

STEFAN LISEK: mid 40's, Polish (needs to speak in Polish), owns a cornershop, father of Jakub, puts on a brave face but has bottled up emotions of anger and sadness, tired with life.

JAKUB LISEK: 11-14 years old, has a Polish accent while talking in English, shy, obsessed with football, angry about his move from Poland to England but doesn't show it, misses home.

This is a Leeds based shoot and we can offer expenses, food and drink as well as provide a copy of the film.

If by any chance you would be interested in collaborating with us please leave me a message on either my email: aniaziebinska@gmail or my mobile: 07543575137 and I can provide you with more information about the script as well as the casting and production process.

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