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Classified ads to buy, sell, trade, rent, hire, offer, announce. MUST be Poland-related and NOT pre-published. (page 4)

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FOR SALE lovely apartment on Grzegórzecka, 53m², 5min from the center, 5min from the shore of Wisła River
Help finding forestry workers from Poland in UK
5 - Almost all agencies are thieves and parasites. You didn't know it? It depends on job location...

ClassifiedsTomorrow'sFores t - 5 Jul 2017 peter_olsztyn - 5 Jul 2017
Help needed to identify some old photos (possibly ID cards)
4 - You need to register first to upload those pictures here....

Classifiedsnetman911 - 1 Jul 2017 Looker - 1 Jul 2017
× Kitchen Assistant Required in Eastbourne, East Sussex
8 - Hi Atch, thanks for the suggestion I shall look into it. cheers....

ClassifiedsChippy22chippy - 14 Jun 2017 Chippy22chippy - 14 Jun 2017
Good Polish divorce Lawyer
Drive me around Warsaw June 1?
I look for a Polish girl, I am Arab
10 - Merged: Pakistani student looking for a Polish girl Hi, I am a Pakistani and looking for a...

ClassifiedsAliKarim - 28 Feb 2017 Pakistani_kidz - 24 May 2017
English-speaking nanny in Warsaw - how to find one?
Looking for video game testers in Poland
Any concrete offers for IT jobs in Lublin, Poland?
14 - Contact me... Richard@newshubmedia.Com I have positions for developers in Lublin Poland....

Classifiedsgjigandi - 20 Feb 2016 Rich.laf - 1 Apr 2017
Where to find sales agents in Poland?
Ready...Steady...Learn Polish in London or via skype
6 - Your e-mail address isn't complete....

ClassifiedsPolwordTeam - 16 Dec 2015 Lyzko - 26 Mar 2017
Al Anon meetings in English in Warsaw, Poland
Studio Apartment in Poznan, Poland
Work in Australia for a Polish girl wanted (tourism/recreation)  2
34 - I know, it was kind of funny in a weird way. They PC police would crucify him if...

Classifiedskasia-Poland - 6 Mar 2017 Joker - 9 Mar 2017
Genuine, honest nice man seeking Polish woman for long term relationship/marriage
10 - He does look like your typical pub bore, doesn't he? Maybe he should actually come to Poland rather...

Classifiedsdriftershooter - 16 Feb 2016 delphiandomine - 7 Mar 2017
Polish Business Opportunity
Looking for a lawyer in Warsaw on Polish real estate laws
7 - There are no Polish real estate laws....

ClassifiedsWGB33 - 5 Dec 2014 Reginald - 28 Jan 2017
Land for sale in Southern Poland
Reporter for the Sunday Times wanting to speak to Polish nationals in the UK about Brexit
8 - I am American and Lithuanian. I lived in the UK and had a good job. I married a...

ClassifiedsLaura Onita - 11 Jan 2017 nickknock - 17 Jan 2017
English Native Speaking Personal Trainer Lublin
6 - Hi Lindsey, I'm also looking for a good gym in Lublin, have any pointers?...

ClassifiedsFit4life - 24 Oct 2016 keleko - 30 Dec 2016
Looking for Polish partner company for new UAVs, drones
5 - Merged: Interactive a show - an exhibition of robots and drones! Hello all! You are welcomed...

Classifiedsmduda11 - 18 Nov 2016 Smart Robots - 19 Dec 2016
Polish nurses and medical staff wanted for work in the UK  2
Where to find English - speaking community in Warsaw?
15 - Does anybody in Poland have information on Tomato Plants called Polish A B and C ?...

ClassifiedsBasha - 12 Oct 2008 pappabell - 18 Nov 2016
× We need to transfer money to our account in Poland from Egypt. So we need staff
8 - can you send dollars cash western union....

ClassifiedsEmad Emad - 11 Nov 2016 dolnoslask - 12 Nov 2016
Meeting / English Club in Rzeszów
21 - Hi, I've just came back from Canada with kids speaking English. I am just wondering if some of...

ClassifiedsLesley Smith - 3 Nov 2012 Piotr L. - 8 Oct 2016
Warsaw (PL) Tabletop Role Playing Game Group for Expats Only. D&D Fortnightly  2  3
87 - Learn Polish, you're welcome....

ClassifiedsThe Shadow - 15 Mar 2010 Wulkan - 14 Sep 2016
Wholesale shops from Poland online - sending goods worldwide?
39 - Thanks sir I hav some questions? She lied that I tried to kidnapped my son and...

Classifiedsjamshaid - 5 Feb 2016 jamshaid - 9 Aug 2016
Relocation assistance required in Bielsko-Biała & probably Katowice, November 2015
× Polish domiciliary carer worker in Bromley area
× RE: Free Umrah for Polish muslims / Converted Muslims wanted
PTS Jobs £15/h for the Polish people in London
Coming to Poznan in December - Looking for some girl in Christmas times  2
Self addressed mailing labels (English) can be purchased where in Warsaw?
4 - @jon357 Great - I looked on their online shop but didn't see it there. Best to go...

Classifiedsczech_canadian - 14 Apr 2016 czech_canadian - 14 Apr 2016
D&D Group for Expats in Warsaw needs one more player...  2  3
Looking for a job in Polish language in Australia (Sydney)
6 - Yep, I know. I'm Aussie... :)...

ClassifiedsLilian Hermann - 25 Feb 2016 TheOther - 25 Feb 2016
Interpreting (Polish-English) in Krakow
5 - Hello again , still I am looking interpreting , bro I am new on that forum , I cant...

Classifiedsturisas45 - 19 Feb 2016 turisas45 - 22 Feb 2016
Warsaw Pub Quiz in English
Exchange Polish zloty to Euros at a mean on buy sell rate
Looking for employee / building company in Poland
Looking for online business partners in Poland (Travelling to PL in January)
3 - Hi, I work in optical business (import from China), but I'm looking for some kind of business for my...

ClassifiedsIndia Supplier - 2 Dec 2015 joanna1975 - 21 Jan 2016
Are there are any Czechs in Warsaw?
7 - @RUR You'll be surprised how many Czechs I know that actually dont drink beer. :-) Anyway I find...

Classifiedsczech_canadian - 12 Jan 2016 czech_canadian - 13 Jan 2016
Poland Apparel/Clothing Fashion Dropshipping
Dating company in Poland
Anyone with a van that can transport some stuff to Belgium for me?
Where to Buy Wall Map of Poland Online?
Baby and mum groups in Krakow- English speaking?
Looking for team who can do painting and flooring for new apartment in Warsaw
Looking for a BRITISH dog sitter in Warsaw
Polish sperm donation = more Polish genes
New Poland's naturist FB page for expats and other English speakers
Seeking Business jobs in Poland for a soon to be University Grad!!
5 - ...... if i want to go back to the U.S all i know is i want to go back...

Classifiedsmochadot18 - 7 Oct 2015 mochadot18 - 8 Oct 2015
Warsaw nightlife guide needed (girls only)
Looking for Help to set up a Back office in Wroclaw, Poland
4 - Hello Ricky, Have emailed you. KR Dennis...

ClassifiedsMarketFlow - 1 Oct 2015 MarketFlow - 2 Oct 2015
Partnership to introduce new products in Poland
6 - I am sorry I did not bring details. I have not receive any previous contact from you -...

Classifiedsakresti - 30 Jan 2013 akresti - 25 Sep 2015
Warehouse workers / Order Pickers / Parcel Sorters Jobs available with Immediate start - Birmingham
Private English Lessons by Experienced Professional Teacher in Poland (Warsaw)  2  3  4
Help the little boy from Poland (he has cancer in his both eyes) Jesli mozecie pomozcie temu dziecku!
11 - Roger, it is hard for me to say where and what they have explored. Out of what they say...

ClassifiedsStan1968 - 13 Aug 2015 Stan1968 - 13 Aug 2015

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