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Polish mum and folks in Sydney

lenaOz 1 | -
2 Dec 2010 #1
I am just new to the forum, and also new in Sydney. I live in Manly Vale and I am
looking to meet up with some other Polish mothers for a small playgroup (I have a baby daughter 7 months old) or just take a kawa :)

Dota - | 1
14 May 2011 #2
Hi, I'm from USA and I'm and looking to meet some Polish friends in Australia. Dorota
5 Aug 2011 #3
Happy to meet up if you like. I have a 2 yo dtr and another on the way also from northern beachers.
My email jkropek@hotmail
Malenka 1 | 4
26 Aug 2011 #4

I am looking for a Polish mamy i maluchy group. I am on the upper north shore and looking to meet up regularly with other mothers. My boys are 3 and 1. Anyone interested? Did any of you meet up?

2 Nov 2011 #5

I would love to meet up. I have a 14 month old boy and I live in Neutral Bay. Did you want to email me if you are still keen at dcyrta@hotmail


kmwagr - | 1
2 Nov 2011 #6

I'm also new in Sydney (newport) and would be great to catch up for coffee or at playground with other polish mums. mam 2 chlopcow (4 i 2.5)....

izabela30 - | 3
29 Nov 2011 #7
Hi. I'm from Poland as well. At the moment first time pregnant. I would like to meet new polish people / friends.
My contact: izabela.kulbacka@yahoo

nuna puna
25 Jan 2012 #8
Hello Polish Mums

Polish School of Sydney in Randwick would like to organise a playgroup for polish speaking parents with kids in age 0-3. Group is going to run every Saturday during the school terms.

For these parents who have siblings in school age, school offers very engaging polish language lessons every Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm.
Please let us know whether are you interested in establishing such a playgroup.

Send your opinion to iwona.pruszynska@gmail

Thank you

Pozdrawiam i czekam na Panstwa zgloszenia!
29 Jan 2012 #9
[Moved from]: Polish people and moms in Sydney, Maroubre,Cooge, Bondi

hallo, czesc

My name is Paulina I'm 27 and I have just moved to Sydney. My boyfriend is Australian so and I'm looking for some polish people who would like to hang out and speak polish :). I live in Maroubra. Anybody interested?
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
29 Jan 2012 #10
I have just moved to Sydney

It must be inconvenient to walk upside down ;)
30 Jan 2012 #11

I'd be happy to meet up sometimes:) Email me on if you like. Kasia
karolinam - | 1
30 Mar 2012 #12
Hey girls ;) im polish mum with 1 year old be nice to catch up for coffe or playgroup looking forvard to hear from you ;)

17 Apr 2012 #13
Guys, we're living next to the airport. Write to franekkimono(at) if you want to meet us.

Guys, we're living next to the airport having 16m old boy. Write to franekkimono(at) if you want to meet us.
26 Apr 2012 #14

Any polish mums near to Penrith/St Clair/Glenmore Park area?



Please let me know where do you live in Sydney:)
lovelyday - | 1
26 Apr 2012 #15

I live near to Penith/Glenmore Park/St Clair. Have 12 months old daughter. Would be lovely catch up with other polish mums :)

Merged: Polish Mums in Sydney - Penrith/Glenmore Park/St Clair area


I live close to Penrith. Have 12 months old daughter. Any polish mums in this area?
8 May 2012 #16
Hi Paulina. My name is Kamila, I'm 25, my husband is Australian so I'm looking for some polish friends as well. I'm living in Erskineville. Coffee sometimes? my email is kamilahine{at}hotmail
14 Jun 2012 #17
Im new to forum. Im mum of 14 months baby girl:-). I just move to Cronulla beach area and i would love to meet mums and babys, na kawe albo wypad na plac zabaw :-)
12 Jul 2012 #18
Hi, do you know any friendly, kind family to get a Polish, mature, responsible, experienced, educated Au Pair? I've lived in the USA for three years, have been an Au Pair in the States. I'd loke to move to Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne).
Kasia89 - | 1
21 Dec 2012 #19
hey! jestem Kasia i mam 23 lat.
i also just moved to sydney and my boyfriend is australian aswell :) i'm looking for some polish people around the eastern suburbs.
if you are still interested, just message me :) katharina.gorka(malpa)
pozdrowienia i zdrowych wesolych swiat!
17 Feb 2013 #20
Hi my name is Kasia Im 27 i've just moved to Sydney 3 weeks ago, Looking for new friends my email kasiabalcerzak@hotmail
22 Mar 2013 #21
I'm new to forum, I'm looking for Polish mums from Hornsby and the surrounding area with whom could I meet from time to time for a cup of coffee.

I have a son 9 months. My email is gnowik83@gmail
5 Nov 2016 #22
Merged: polish playgroup

Hi, I have a 1.5 year old son and live in Newington and would like to catch up with other mums living in the area or even start a playgroup for kids. Anyone interested? Please email dlugoszanna@hotmail.pozdrawiam Ania

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