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Adult Polish Lessons in Sydney?

27 Nov 2008 #1
Hi Everyone,
Just a quick question whether anyone knows of any polish adult classes in Sydney besides the ones in Randwick on Saturday mornings?
I had heard there was some a while ago at Macquarie University?

Any help would be appreciated!
Gosiaa 2 | 89
29 Nov 2008 #2
At the Macquarie Uni there is language section Polish Language , you can enroll and study there.
If you doing an arts degree it can be counted or if you're in High School you
can do it by correspondence.
17 Jan 2009 #3

Adult classes are hold at the North Ryde Public School on Saturday - part of the North Shore Polish Saturday School
Classes wil be starting on 7th February 9.00am

please email Elizabeth :
Pawel 3 | 125
21 Jan 2009 #4
Classes held at North Ryde what is the age group? As i am 19 wanting to improve my polish with a similar age group.
8 Feb 2009 #5
Pawel did you find a class? I am the same age and have studied at the Polish school in Randwick for the past year with adults and completed their beginners and post-beginners level. The next level up is advanced - and by advanced I mean the teacher walks in speaking only in Polish and expects you to reply. To indicate the calibre of this class, there is actually a native Polish speaker who converses naturally to the teacher. I am nowhere near the level that is expected but because the school is only small they do not have a class that is intermediate - which is hard for me because I am at a level where I am between the two. So far my choice is to stay in post-beginners, which is technically a revision of the past semester or to go into advanced where I feel so incredibly out of my depth that I can only see myself quitting (there's a challenge, and then there's throwing someone off a cliff. This is the latter.) I am still extremely keen to learn more Polish - enough to reach fluency, but I don't see the point in paying $330 a semester not to be properly catered for. It's a waste of money and my time. If anyone can suggest alternatives or knows a private tutor I would really appreciate if you could contact me on nhoughton@gmail
Pawel 3 | 125
9 Feb 2009 #6
No haven't found a class yet. What nationality are you. I think you should do advance you will pick up much more that way.
10 Feb 2009 #7
There is also a polish class for adults in Ashfield at Bethlehem College on Saturday Mornings. You can find information through the polish club of ashfield website.
Niedziela - | 2
10 Feb 2009 #8
No haven't found a class yet. What nationality are you. I think you should do advance you will pick up much more that way.

You prob won't find a similar age group unless it's at uni or something because from what I gather, Polish classes aren't of that great a demand. But I have studied with adults and it's been great fun and I haven't felt at a disadvantage because of my age ever. So if you're really keen you should just give them a go.

I'm Eurasian; half English half Filippina. Why? You're Polish I presume?

I think I would pick up more in Advanced, but the thing is a lot of the people who are now in Advanced also did more than one semester of post-beginners, to get to that level, so I might just do what they did for now.

I emailed the schools at North Ryde and Ashfield a couple of days back but haven't got any replies. My Linguistics lecturer at Uni is Russian though and she has helped me with some of my Polish issues so I will talk to her and see if she knows anyone / what I should do. But until next semester I think I will probably stick with post-beginners, see how I go, if it's too easy request for alternative work and/or work on my own out of books in my own time?
Shari - | 21
5 May 2009 #9
I was thinking of joining classes in Randwick. I understand Polish very well, but don't speak it as well - Funnily enough. My mother is Polish, so I grew up hearing it. She switched between English and Polish.

What level should I look at learning? I guess I should try beginner and see how that goes and step up from there if I need to...
pjpolska - | 2
27 Jul 2009 #10
To any adult who would like to learn Polish at any level , basic onwards get into contact with

Mr Andrzej Siedlecki
Macq Uni: W6A 322
Ph: 9850 7014

He will sort you out with any questions in regards to ur options in learning polish as an adult

Kind Regards
28 Aug 2009 #11
are there any weekday classes for polish ? adult beginners
19 Feb 2010 #12
I'm pretty sure I contacted the Randwick school but was forwarded to the North Ryde school...why is that ? I prefer to study at Randwick as it is closer to me and North Ryde is over 40 kms each way...though I think North Ryde fees are $400 the year and looks to be Randwick $250 per term ? is this correct ?

I just realized checking my emails I did contact North Ryde directly...judging by the higher fee fo randwick maybe I should buy a gps and stick with North Ryde ?

Does anyone know if the curriculum at both schools is the same ?
TA9 - | 1
14 May 2010 #13
I heard that the Polish School in Randwick has the best curriculum. The handbooks written by their teachers have been introduced to all other Polish schools in Sydney. University of Sydney organises courses for adults and they use the Polish School in Randwick stuff.
madziaaa77 - | 1
25 Jul 2010 #14
hello! I'm a student from Poland and recently moved to Sydney to study at University of Sydney. In Poland I graduated in polish philology (where I was studying also how to teach Polish) and cultural studies (both were MA). Polish is my native language and my English is very good (I have IELTS 7,5). I'd like to teach Polish and I'm hardworking, easygoing and friendly, I can teach people at all levels. Please let me know. My email is Kind regards,

Magda Szulc.
28 Dec 2010 #15
Polish courses are offered by the Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney at
28 May 2011 #16
Hi there ,
I am the one who is handling all inquiries of adults’ students @ Randwick. I would not redirected you to other school as I do not know much about other schools. Each school is responsible for own curriculum. I am responsible for adult courses at Randwick. I assume we do it right as we have been approached by Sydney Uni to run courses for them . Randwick and Uni have the same programs , the same teachers, the same price . Programs , books , Audio CDs were produced by teachers from Randwick. Randwick as a non –for – profit organisation will run courses if that only cover the costs. Our classes @ Randwick for beginners sometimes have only 5-6 students compared with Sydney Uni of 15 students.

For upper levels (1,2,3) very often we give students flexibility to move to another level if current level is not adequate. We even reimburse fee in FULL if students finds after one or two lessons that level he/she chosen was not suitable.

See our curriculum and timetable at :

Zbigniew Sobota, Principal
m :0414313478
5 Feb 2012 #17
Can anyone tell me if there are any Polish language lessons in the Newcastle, hunter region?
tutor - | 1
22 Aug 2012 #18
Cześć wszystkim! Hi everyone!

If you are you planning to go to Poland
or you are a beginner when it comes to speaking Polish
or just looking for someone who can help you improve your Polish speaking skills

please contact me ;-)

I am a private Polish language teacher with the proper certificates and experience from Australia (private tutoring, school classes).

If you have any questions please email me.
13 Oct 2012 #19
I live in Sydney and I'm interested in Polish lessons!
I would like to take 2 or 4 hours / week!
If you are able to teach polish to a beginner please contact me.
My mobile: 0434506269
28 Feb 2013 #20
are you still available for polish lessons in Sydney?

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