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Polish Military - Salary / Benefits

1 May 2016 /  #1
Good day everyone,

I'm wondering what the salary is like in the Polish Armed Forces for both Commissioned and Enlisted members? What are the benefits like? Is there a website explaining different job opportunities?

Thank you.
23 Mar 2017 /  #3
Polish Armed Forces

Predictably, the "total(ly hare-brained) opposition" is now obsessing about what they call a "purge" of the army, whose command is being reformed to remove Soviet-trained and/or PRL holdovers who have no place in the Armed Forces of Free Poland. What the oppositon conveniently omits is that during POO rule in 2010 and 2011 twice as many left the army as at present. Also, in 2016 for the first time in over a decade all the funds earmarked for modernisation were actually put to good use. That inforamtion was presented to the Sejm by defence Min. Antoni Macierewicz to counteract the cheap propaganda being spewed by political badmouthers of the Petru-Schetyna-Kijowski gang and their gullible disciples.
23 Mar 2017 /  #4
during POO rule in 2010 and 2011 twice as many left the army as at present.

Oh dear, another shining example of why it's a bad idea to repeat as facts here the talking points one hears on Radio Maybach and TVPiS.

What Polly fails to mention (possibly because he has a very bad memory and Radio Maybach also didn't mention it, or possibly because he's trying to get away with the same fast one as them) is that Poland ended conscription in 2009, a move which resulted in the Polish armed forces shrinking by about 50,000 men. That decision was about economics and efficiency; the current purge is purely ideological.

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