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Earn UK income, live in Poland, any chance of a mortgage?

17 Feb 2016 /  #1
I currently receive approx £3k a month, in £. I own a recruitment business in the UK. My wife (polish) and I (British) live in Poland and would like to buy a property. We currently rent.

We went to mBank, who basically said "no chance".

Is there any way (outside the box) we can buy a property here with a mortgage from a polish bank?
17 Feb 2016 /  #2
A couple of potential clients were interested in the same thing. One set worked in Germany the other set Ireland. The agent said the down payment required was in the region of 60%. I dont know whether thats true. I think its more a question of being able to properly account for the debts of the foreigner. We had a similar situation with a guy from Canada who had wages in region of three times the national average.

Maybe contact a credit broker. They will add 1 or 2 percentage to the value of the loan if you get it but it will be quicker and safer than going around all 30 odd bank offers yourself.

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