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B.Sc IT graduate. Which country can I apply for 100% visa approval in Europe?

23 Nov 2016 /  #1
confused need expert advice for career guide decision

Hello everyone
I am confused to which country i can apply for 100% visa approval in Europe.
I score 5.5 overall and 6.4 CGPA first class in final year. just complete graduation in B.Sc IT and want to apply M.Sc IT in any European country.

visa history
USA, Canada and UK Rejection in 2007and not haveing any refusal letter In addition to this i only have ireland refusal letter.
and also student visa rejection in Ireland after 12th .
23 Nov 2016 /  #2
It is best to study in the country to which you want to emigrate, or in one of the richer, and more expensive, countries in northwestern Europe like Germany, Switzerland or Sweden. Studying in one of the poorer countries like Poland is not likely to be any better than studying in India. In fact, India is probably the better choice.

Be skeptical of websites hyping study in Poland and the other poorer countries of Europe. They generally underestimate the cost of living and studying by a wide margin, and greatly exaggerate the value of degrees from these countries. They also gloss over problems foreign students encounter. They often claim that part-time work is available for foreign students (it isn't) or that you will be able to find good jobs in these countries after you finish your studies (you almost certainly won't).

A good rule of thumb for graduate studies in an applied science field is to go where the R&D dollars flow in prodigious abundance, which means the English speaking countries, northwestern Europe, and South Korea. There is very little R&D done in Poland or the other poorer countries of Europe.

Another good rule of thumb is to avoid anywhere that suffers from brain drain, as do the poorer countries of Europe, including Poland. If you want to study outside of India, the study in a country that attracts intellectual capital, not one that exports it.

My advice is to study at a good school in India unless you can get into a very good university in a country that spends a lot on R&D, and preferably the country to which you wish to emigrate. A degree from Poland or other poorer European country is unlikely to be worth the investment, which is probably double or triple what you have been led to believe by websites and/or agents/recruiters.
OP kingsman  
24 Nov 2016 /  #3
I totally agree.
but by seeing my past travel history
i can apply to Ireland which is IT hub and also rich European country.
so rejection in Ireland effect ?
suggestion english speaking country and have good education value in world were i can apply ?
24 Nov 2016 /  #4
Ireland would be a very expensive option. The fees would be extremely high and the cost of living is very high too. Part time work is hard to get and although Ireland is a fairly prosperous country, it's tiny and there is very little employment outside of Dublin. The other IT hub is the city of Galway which only has a population of about 80,000 so the jobs are very few.

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