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"It's too late for Germany" (but not for Poland)

mafketis 37 | 10772  
14 Apr 2018 /  #91
Their are not scum (and it wasn't scummy behaviour) according to their own culture and its values.

Exactly, from their point of view they were completely ethical. Of course idiotic fools who can't believe other people are.... different are trying more and more desperately to pretned that isn't the case.

Either you

a) view Pakistani culture as deeply depraved (in which case why let them into your country?)

b) surrender your values to Pakistani ones (in which case don't complain about Pakistanis sex grooming your daughters)

c) a or b , no wussing out now, which is it your multi-culti cred or your dauthers' lives...
Crow 160 | 9183  
15 Apr 2018 /  #92
And so Germany would become Gerabia. Final stage in their evolution.
OP Slavictor 6 | 193  
15 Apr 2018 /  #93
Recent anti-immigrant rally in Cottbus, Germany - some colourful men and women in the crowd.
Lyzko 42 | 9477  
15 Apr 2018 /  #94
It's Hoyerswerda all over again.
Same playbook, different locale!
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
16 Apr 2018 /  #95
German police tell people attending rallies like that to not display German flags so it doesn't 'provoke' the left and the migrants. It is a country where cops literally tell citizens not to display that nation's flag because it may cause some 3rd world migrant to go full ape sh1t mode....

Even Merkel refused to wave a German flag when it was handed to her during a photo opp and promptly shook her head and tossed it aside. These people like Merkel, Timmermans, Schultz, that creep Guystrodt or whatever his name is don't care about Germany or France or UK or any individual country - they just want a big federation like the USSR was of European states and to erode nationalities and individual cultures which the migrants will help them do... meanwhile they turn some Europeans into neutered mindless consumers going into debt to buy sh1t they cant afford and letting MSM teach them about what their families should be like.. Thing is, Slavic states, the Hungarians, the Baltic states, etc are not gonna fall for it. And increasingly now Italy and Austria don't want to go down that path. Its too bad though that we fight with Russia when the real enemy is Brussels

Honestly though Germany was smart not to get involved in bombing Syria so props to Merkel for that at least. I have a feeling that this may cause a fanatic to make a lone wolf attack in US, UK, or France as many have shouted things like 'For Syria' as they blew themselves up or shot at people
Tacitus 2 | 1255  
16 Apr 2018 /  #96
I explained to you in detail why Merkel refused the flag and that any other German chancellor would have done the same in those circumstances. Why do you still bring it up? Are you so unable to accept facts?
Wulkan - | 3137  
16 Apr 2018 /  #97
Your facts have nothing to do with the reality
mafketis 37 | 10772  
16 Apr 2018 /  #98
Why do you still bring it up? Are you so unable to accept facts?

Some facts are very stupid, like the policy you cited. There's not a single good reason for it. Dumb policies should be changed.
Lyzko 42 | 9477  
16 Apr 2018 /  #99
Yes, exactly.

Germany, more than any European country I can think of, even in the rest of the world, has justifiedly had serious issues with overt displays of nationalism. This is just a no-brainer, given her tortured history!

When I was in Germany for the first time, I too would have felt strange seeing the flag displayed openly in public, as compared to France, Poland, Denmark, the UK, and of course, the States, except naturally at certain sporting events, namely the World Cup Soccer Matches.

Germany's shame seems to run deeper than the above countries I mentioned. It's almost as provocative as brazenly waving the Confederate Flag here in the States in front of an official Southern building; it's only meant to incite hatred and fear.
OP Slavictor 6 | 193  
16 Apr 2018 /  #100
It's Hoyerswerda all over again.

Nothing that dramatic. This time the refugee invasion is intentionally engineered across multiple countries. It's bound to generate opposition amongst those who realize the problem and who seek to protect their lands, identity, economy and culture from further wreckage.

Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
16 Apr 2018 /  #101

.... they're not even the same damn flag the Nazis and German Empire didn't use the same flag or even the same tricolor as the modern German flag

I could understand if someone waving a German Empire flag could be seen as provocative - and many far right Germans do in fact prefer that one - but the current one?? Come on... you're comparing the flag of a wealthy highly developed democracy to that of a 200 year old state which was never recognize by anyone
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
17 Apr 2018 /  #102
Merkel refused the flag and that any other German chancellor would have done the same

Perhaps you need Chancellors that aren't scared of waving the flag of the country of who's citizens that they're supposed to be goddamn representing and who put them in office! Or wait... Maybe Merkel was at the rally when the cops told German citizens the internationally recognized flag of modern Germany is 'provacative'? This wasn't some funeral or a wedding ceremony - it was a political photo op or celebration of some sorts with NUMEROUS other people also waving German flags. Not only did she REFUSE to join her fellow citizens, who are proud of Germany and participate in raising the German flag as they are presumably citizens/residents of the nation and happy to be there... Not Merkel... she tosses it aside like a blood stained rag.... then shakes her head side to side and makes a sour face in disgust - then talks to some guy next to her presumably explaining why she threw that flag away... she was disgusted that a fellow citizen, who we can safely assume voted for her or at the very least supports her enough to rejoice during the occasion with her, someone who even her security detail saw posed NO threat and was allowed to give Merkel a flag, gave up his/her flag for Merkel only for it to be tossed away as if she's ashamed of it... sorry but I don't need your 'explanation' - if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million...

Only in Germany do the Chancellors express disdain to their country's flags. Most world leaders take any moment to be around their flags. Even during diplomatic dinners and meetings of two countries the two flags of each are shown side by side as a show of respect - even if the countries aren't totally on friendly terms. Not Merkel.... to her the German flag is just a rag to be tossed away.. she had the expression on her face like someone handed her a c um towel. She wants that German flag to be replaced by the EU one so I guess its understandable though...
Tacitus 2 | 1255  
17 Apr 2018 /  #103
but the current one?? Come on...

This is simply how it is. Things are changing slowly but many Germans view flag waving as distasteful.

she had the expression on her face like someone handed her a c um towel

She was simply embarassed about the behaviour of the guy who gave it to her before and afterwards. She acted as the dignity of her office demanded it.
Lyzko 42 | 9477  
17 Apr 2018 /  #104
Singing war-time German marches or even hiking songs still will draw serious fire in the Federal Republic today.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
17 Apr 2018 /  #105
Thats why germany today is a pathically cucked nation where migrants rape and pillage as they please and cops tell citizens not to 'provoke' people and a chancellor who treats the flag of her country, the flag of the tens of millions of people who voted for her like a damn *** rag. How is German culture suppose to survive, much less thrive, when a modern internationally recognized flag that has nothing to do with nazism shouldnt be waved for fear of provoking people - the groups who are provoked more often than not hate germanys society and only came for benefits anyway or are eurocrat age ts supporting the elimination of the sovereignty of nations. Its about damn time a group like AfD says **** em - this is Germany, respect it or leave.

Millions of germans are unable to shed their neurosis as they have been constantly guilt tripped, not only by zionists but even worse - their own leaders and people. In fact merkel used the pretext of 'germanys history' as the reason why migrants should be coddled, housed, and have their soccer teams of kids paid for by the taxpayers. Oh and dont even think about publishing these groups rape stats or saying they're not assimilating and are a burden to German citizens. Far too many germans believe that they are liable for what their ancestors did 70 years ago. Its quite sad. Then again it is a cucked country with a monument in the center of berlin that celebrates the triumph of ussrs commie ideology for all to see. Poland tears down its commie 'liberator' statues - Germany spends state funds polishing them and maintaining them - thats the difference between Germany and Poland.
Lyzko 42 | 9477  
17 Apr 2018 /  #106
The term with which you glibly label "national neurosis" ought to be applied super sparingly. Read Dr. Mitscherlich's "The Inability To Mourn" (1967) to understand what you want to say.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
17 Apr 2018 /  #107
The term with which you glibly label "national neurosis" ought to be applied super sparingly.

The same words have been repeated in media - including German media, by German citizens discussing Merkel and the left's policies.

'There is talk about a certain neurosis'

BTW - note the German callers at the end. Waaah waahh you're not showing solidarity - you need to take in Merkel's burden... it's not fair!

One libtard even says 'there's not that many refugees' well unless hundreds of thousands/million+ asylum applicants (150k a year in Hungary alone at the beginning of the migrant crisis) isn't a considered a lot to not to mention all the migrants who most definitely aren't refugees....

Sad thing is I would've voted for Merkel over uber Zionist Schultz anyday... no good choices for Germany except AfD and at least finally more and more Germans are seeing that. Perhaps one day the European nations will follow Hungary's lead and no longer become totally beholden to the EU's Marxist agendas.

Hungary, not even Poland, is now Europe's best hope for preserving native European Christina culture and society and independence which our Polish ancestors fought and died for - just for it to be replaced by rule from yet another German foreign power....
OP Slavictor 6 | 193  
18 Apr 2018 /  #108
Former Czech president Vaclav Klaus wrote in a book ("Europe all Inclusive") he recently published comparing the large scale regression of Europe caused by the barbarian invasion of the ancient world to the current "migrant crises". He noted how long it took for Europe to recover afterwards.

Klaus is cognizant of the dangers of this forced immigration, how Europe has been weakened by it and how countries are being turned into dependent clinet states. He calls the crisis a "severely underestimated phenomenon" which is far from over and how Europe's elites defend "ultimately suicidal, ideologies of multiculturalism"
TheOther 6 | 3688  
18 Apr 2018 /  #109
Waaah waahh you're not showing solidarity

Where's the solidarity of the nations which have created this mess in the first place, one might justifiably ask. The meddling in other countries' affairs started in colonial times and ended last week - at least for the moment.
Lyzko 42 | 9477  
18 Apr 2018 /  #110
Merkel has hit a wall of what some term "empathy fatigue" on the part of many fellow countrymen. Could eternal breast beating, sackloth and ashes be Germany's punishment for unleashing WWII?

I'd like to think not, but then, that's only my humble opinion.
mafketis 37 | 10772  
18 Apr 2018 /  #111
"empathy fatigue" on the part of many fellow countrymen

or.... rationality, es ist ihnen nicht gelungen die sache zu schaffen (wonky grammar but you get the idea)
Dirk diggler 10 | 4452  
19 Apr 2018 /  #112

Colonialism never stopped it merely was transformed into globalism and America trying to 'spread democracy - basically destroy a country then force it to take loans from zionist banks and organizations like imf so it can be rebuilt. Thankfully Putin and Assad arent giving us hawks and zionists that opportunity in Syria.

Then there's also the new Chinese financial colonialism... you go anywhere canada chicago Jamaica poland africa Mongolia and there's chinese owned businesses

Chinese are now the world's colonizers. Not only is their economy larger and healthier than americas as they're not laden with debt (except for us treasury bonds) but they're far wiser and more patient than American leaders.
OP Slavictor 6 | 193  
19 Apr 2018 /  #113
Two opposing tribesmen meet in the streets of Germany, one sporting a kippah, the other a belt. Diversity + proximity = war.

Wait until another 200 million immigrants from africa pour into Europe, or at least Macron hopes. A "Eurafrica".

Whites are being intentionally rubbed out. To arms.
Lyzko 42 | 9477  
19 Apr 2018 /  #114
@maf, the grammar's far from "wonky" in fact, and unfortunately, you're right. The decades of an imposed liberal agenda and feeling forced to squelch their true feelings about, what have been termed the 'positive' (LOL) side of Nazi Germany, proved in the end too much for Merkel's vocal, right-wing opposition.
mafketis 37 | 10772  
19 Apr 2018 /  #115
I'd say that the two main political parties have largely deserted working class Germans (the same thing can also be found in the UK and US) so they could throw in their lots with the elites.

Rational German voters realize that AfD (for all its faults) is the only political voice speaking up for their interests rather than the interests of bankers, E She's a party girl, politicians and random third worlders. Mass immigration and other policies have hollowed out the political center leaving poles that detest each other. Those with aspirations toward rootless cosmopolitanism and the native working classes.
Tacitus 2 | 1255  
19 Apr 2018 /  #116
Rational German voters realize that AfD (for all its faults) is the only political voice speaking up for their interests

I hope you are not implying that the AfD speaks for the workers and the poor, because their election program advocates the end of several achievement that the previous governments implemented (e.g. minimum wage).
mafketis 37 | 10772  
19 Apr 2018 /  #117
If there's a real labor shortage then a minimum wage shouldn't be so necessary unless German employers have succumbed to the neoliberal doctrine of employees as serfs...

How do you explain the decline in support of SPD?
Tacitus 2 | 1255  
19 Apr 2018 /  #118
a minimum wage shouldn't be so necessary

The employers seem to think that way.

How do you explain the decline in support of SPD?

The price of running a country. The SPD under Schröder implemented many painful reforms that are the foundation of Germany's current prosperity, but in doing so they had to make several cuts to the welfare system (which was designed in the 1950s and 1960 with little to no employment and hopelessly bloated when unemployment reached 5m people.

Those who are disappointed by that voted instead for the Green party and the Left party (none of which are in power), while the CDU under Merkel also became attractive to former SPD voters.
mafketis 37 | 10772  
19 Apr 2018 /  #119
The employers seem to think that way.

Then screw 'em. I'm sick and tired of the implicit neoliberal argument that everything should be decided by the market except for the price of labor. It needs to die the horrible death it deserves rather than have politicians bend over and facilitating it.
Lyzko 42 | 9477  
19 Apr 2018 /  #120
Gotta agree with Tacitus on that point, anyway. Certainly, hopefully, Germany will never lose her inbred sense of social conscience. Where many countries have started to sell out to "American values", among them Sweden (for purely economic reasons, no doubt), Merkel maintains her feeling of civic duty, huge blunders in policy notwithstanding:-)

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