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How i can make a relationship with a Polish girl?

zohir cheribet  
28 Jul 2012 /  #1
My friend told me that Polish girls are the nicest in the world so i searched about them on net and really i fond that they are very nice , now i am searching about a Polish girl to make a relationship with her but i don't know how.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1082  
28 Jul 2012 /  #2
My friend told me that Polish girls are the nicest in the world

It's not true. It is an urban legend. The nicest girls in the world are Japanese girls.
Warszawette - | 128  
28 Jul 2012 /  #3

Sorry, it's pathetic to read this kind of teenager's bs: "the Poles or the Belgians or the Urugayans or the Martians are the best or worst of this or that". In Poland like in any other country, the best and the worst can be found and as re "girls", in Poland some are girls are great and some are awful, some are beautiful and some are ugly, some are intelligent and some are stupid, etc etc..... This of course applies to men in Poland and also to people all around the world.

I have lived in altogether 7 countries (Europe + USA) and believe me, people are more alike than they are different.

I understand that girls in some countries are said '"easy" or "easier" (it was the case in Poland too) because of their economic situation and they are desperate to find anybody to take them out of the country.

In conclusion, Polish girls are basically the same as in any other Western country and they are not desperate to go with any idiot from a foreign country, thinking he's so great because he has a few dollars or euros.

The end!
OP zohir cheribet  
28 Jul 2012 /  #4
i had known a Polish girl on net , she was really very kind, we were in touch for 8 months by skype , facebook and phone,i told her that i want to meet her and she accepted, i thought to visit her last summer vocation but unfortunately i could not , i was working wlth out geting my solary(because i was new in my job and solary take the time) was too bad for me but i told her that will meet her this summer, because i have not the time exept in summer but after about 2 months she met a boyfriend and she told me that she don't want to meet me and her boyfriend is the most important for i don't know what was her reason to make wth me like this ,because she don't want to talk with me.
Eva Aeri - | 14  
3 Aug 2012 /  #5
She waited and waited and waited. You promised her something and you broke the promise. Why does it surprise you?

One more thing: we're not nice, we're independent and rebelious:) Japanese girls are nice, so nice it makes everyone sick, so maybe give it a go?
imano 10 | 42  
3 Aug 2012 /  #6
if you want to experience how girls are here. come here. don't listen to people.
Wulkan - | 3137  
4 Aug 2012 /  #7
don't you realise she was just playing with (making fun of) you like many other Polish girls online with weak hearted arabs?
PlasticPole 7 | 2641  
4 Aug 2012 /  #8
Treat her like a princess and you won't go wrong.
OP zohir cheribet  
4 Aug 2012 /  #9
thanks for the ansewr
yes, that's true , i promised and i broke the promise, but she was not angry and i promised again and she accepted to wait, but i want to say that i understand her , she needed to have a boyfriend , i don't blam her , i liked her very much and i like her yet , i feel that something more than liking but i'm not sur that's love , i'm always thinking about her until know i can't forget her while i did not even meet her....i want to forget her , that's all what i know why i write ?i write inorder to forget about her , i don't want to say that's love maybe i will lie because we read on books and we see in movies that lover is ready to do anything inorder to be with which who loves but i was not...i was thinking about my job and my mother she will accept or no , you know we are muslim and we beliive that pardise is under feet(plural of foot) of mothers so u have to do all what your mother want, in my case i was not ready to be with a girl if my mother don't . is it love?....i hope that you understood the story; the conclusion:i don't blam her but just i want to talk with her , i'm not a machin that i can be programmed to forget my sadness by a few time....she did not even tell me good bye...

concerning the Polish beauty , i think that we are free when we see that Polish girls are nice, i see that Polish girls are nice and if they are independent and rebilious , that is other thing .

kondzior 11 | 1037  
5 Aug 2012 /  #10
Polish girls generally need to have the date be an experience. Not just a boring, standard dinner, or a walk in the park - they need something that'll make them remember you. I once took a girl I knew was into traditional arts go spraying one of those public access walls. We hooked up for a while after, then went back to just friends, but to this days she tells me that was the best date she ever had. Another girl, I knew she was really into actors and drama and sh!t, so I used a connection through a client to get us into a private rehearsal in a local theatre. That also worked pretty well then. It always seems to me like Polish girls just need something that will make their heart pound, especially the pretty ones, since they're used to going out with guys all the time.
pawian 221 | 24215  
5 Aug 2012 /  #11
so i searched about them on net and really i fond that they are very nice ,

You probably found that

Come on, it is only a music clip by a fame seeking wannabe celebrity.

You might be gravely disappointed with reality.
Senator 4 | 42  
7 Aug 2012 /  #12
They are more likely to cheat on you!! Most of them are desperate to find any male attention!! Sorry, I am speaking from experience.
ciderman - | 5  
7 Aug 2012 /  #13
Stop being a loser and strap on some balls. Then all girls in the world will love you.
pawian 221 | 24215  
8 Aug 2012 /  #14
Most of them are desperate to find any male attention!!

Like all women!!! Hence this make up, mini skirts, strings and other unessesary stuff!
IamJack 1 | 3  
8 Aug 2012 /  #15
It's not true. It is an urban legend. The nicest girls in the world are Japanese girls

I am Polish and had been married to Japanese women for the last 20 years and it turned in to hell.

Now I have Chinese wife and what a contrast. Perfect so far in the last 6 years. Simple and not controlling, appreciate simple things and of course I also have to behave.

But than again, I don't think it is about the country but the person you meet, unless you want to meet someone for sxx only.
Englishman 2 | 276  
8 Aug 2012 /  #16
One more thing: we're not nice, we're independent and rebelious:)

IMO independence and rebellion are desirable qualities in a woman. I agree Polish girls tend to value their independence and self respect. Which is one of the many reasons why they're the best :-)
empire - | 1  
14 Aug 2012 /  #17
Merged: how do someone get a polish girl?

i think my option now is online, until i go to uk after my studies, i mean it shows here that they are good people, iam not interested in taking the their citizenship or what not, just some girl to be with... right now iam a student in asia doing my degree but originally iam african
AlicjaK - | 14  
14 Aug 2012 /  #18
It always makes my laugh when someone recommends Japanese partners since I hate Japan :P But I know, there is a lot of people crazy about all the things about it :)

Cant say much about Polish girls. It's nice to hear that we are pretty and nice (im not a good example, especially of the second thing ;) but are we really so different from other nations? Beauty is question of taste, for me Slav girls are pretty but i guess we are quite difficult to live with. The culture and tradition influence our character, the way we think and react- but as in any other society- everyone it different.

Sounds really funny when someone says "i want polish girlfriend" :P
LordFab - | 16  
14 Aug 2012 /  #19
I love this thread ... So banal and full of stereotypes that it does not seem true to discuss about this in 2012... But there you go !!! You really make laugh .... :-)
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1082  
14 Aug 2012 /  #20
since I hate Japan :P

How one cannot love Japan? Japanese girls are the most beautiful in the world ;)

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