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Is Indian/Polish relationship possible?

JustysiaS 13 | 2238  
31 May 2008 /  #211
If you for example drink mleko,you probably do a sin which is unforgivable

no milkshakes in India? no smoothies with milk or yoghurt??? oh man!

Imagine eating beef.

no burger king??

I strongly favour the polish girls and disapprove the cows.

what about Polish cows? both the animals and the stuck up ladies?? tell us.
southern 73 | 7059  
31 May 2008 /  #212
no milkshakes in India? no smoothies with milk or yoghurt???

Yes,maybe they make them from frogs.

no burger king??

You mean a rat king?

what about Polish cows?

They are very noble.Last time in Poland I noticed some eating peacefully the grass.They seemed happy in polish grass.

and the stuck up ladies?? tell us.

Polish girls are not cows.You may call them rybki,ptaci,kocky but not cows.There are also no dog girls in Poland.And no horse faced.
Mav34 - | 11  
31 May 2008 /  #213
Justysia, Southern,

i have things to do in real life and I decided to ignore internet TRolls like you . You cant justify yourself with any rational explanation as pointed out by a number of other people. This is not going anywhere as you are too dumb to realize that you are ignorant.
southern 73 | 7059  
31 May 2008 /  #214
i have things to do in real life and I decided to ignore internet TRolls like you

I realize you have to get back to your cow.Be careful not to scare her.

You cant justify yourself with any rational explanation

You think that low GDP of India is attributed to lack of masturbation?Or cow preservation?
whitey - | 4  
31 May 2008 /  #215
Even as a UK Pole, i know this fact..

The country which contains the most millionaires is?...... yes you've guessed it, India..

Look it up, google it if you have to.

Justyna I am born UK. But I have been over to Polska enough times to see closed minds all around me.

Which is not a bad thing as it's made Poland develop and explode the way it has.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6139  
1 Jun 2008 /  #216
The reason India as a whole is not so rich is that there are a lot of poor people

VaFunkoolo 6 | 654  
1 Jun 2008 /  #217
I wonder if the people speaking out against India here have actually been to the country. If they have then perhaps they might not be so critical of the place in comparison to theirs for fear of looking rather silly.
southern 73 | 7059  
1 Jun 2008 /  #218
The country which contains the most millionaires is?......

Still USA.But Russia has the most billionaires living in one city.

Grzegorz is this train the indian high speed intercity?I see a lot of passengers in the first class.

The reason India as a whole is not so rich is that there are a lot of poor people

Average salary in India is 800$ per year.Average wages in Poland are 1300$ per month.I object that India is not so rich.
With 1300$ per month a Pole can pass as a millionaire in India.So according to indian standards Poland has about 25 million millionaires.Not bad.
2 Jun 2008 /  #219
Polish not using toilet paper....May be

In India people **** on roads and streets, not because they cant afford it just because they would rather spent that money to buy a T.V

Sleeping with people you fancy...what's wrong with that?

Targeting rich boys....its not typical with polish women. How many indian girls would be ready to marry a poor guy? i agree some polish girls who came over to U.K from villages to work find rich boys to make their life easy.

AGAIN...WHATS WRONG WITH SLEEPING AROUND IF YOU LIKE IT)AS LONG AS YOU DONT HAVE A PARTNER)...GUYS....GET A LIFE are being extreme. Are we here to find out which country is best?

stereotyping all Indians as crap is as bad as stereotyping all polish gilrs are after money.

Mav34, Whitey...You sould live in Poland for some while to realize things

Justysia....You should live in India for a while too to know the real facts.
Seanus 15 | 19668  
2 Jun 2008 /  #220
A real fact is that there is a huge divide between the rich and the poor. Calcutta is a prime example. What is done to alleviate the poverty burden?
2 Jun 2008 /  #221
By the way...about eating cow, literacy and stuff.

India is a big country. The culture differs from place to place. If you know there is a state in India called Kerala (South). Kerala is the only 100% literate state in the world. You get beef and pork in almost all the restaurants (except vegetarian restaurant, very hard to find) in kerala.

Again…in kerala a girl slept with someone before marriage is a slut where its not a big deal in say…Delhi or Mumbai

So....How people stick to the old cultures and beliefs are not same all over India.
southern 73 | 7059  
2 Jun 2008 /  #222
You get beef and pork in almost all the restaurants (except vegetarian restaurant, very hard to find) in kerala.

In Poland you can get beef and pork in every restaurant in all cities.There are no limitations.
What is difficult to do in Poland is to swim with thousands of people in a river together with cows.There are not enough holy cows to bring to swim with you.
2 Jun 2008 /  #223
I was trying to tell that please do not stereotype one nation as a whole. if your atittude is like this. **** off.

by the way i eat cow
southern 73 | 7059  
2 Jun 2008 /  #224
by the way i eat cow

You eat cow?You commit such a sin?I can see the indian devil waiting for you.

First you try to fool Poles that Indians are richer than them while the averge indian icnome is 30 times less than the polish one.
Then you try to prove that India is more productive while indian GDP per capita is 16 times lower than polish.
Now you try to prove that it is permitted to eat cows and reveal that in these places it is not permitted to eat pigs.I guess there are muslims there.So I predict where you can eat cow you have to abstain from pork and when you eat pork there is no cow meat.And where Europeans and Christians live,it is allowed to eat both.It does not need rocket scientific mind.

I wrote that Poles are 14 cm taller than Indians on average.You can add that there are many tall Indians.
I also wrote that indian IQ is 20 points lower than the polish one.You can object that there are many smart Indians.
Bingo!You never thought you had to face the touch Slavs and the mighty Balkans.
2 Jun 2008 /  #225
Who the **** are you talking to? i never said all these. Go through the bloody posts. you are throwing up all those to me which was said by some body else. i was actually talking good about polish opposing indians who said Polish women are after money and they sleep around

Do you not understand English or you gone crazy with all these posts.....lord?
Anyway you said all these; let me give you an answer.
My ethnic origin is Indian. Now i work in Poland. If my IQ is very low why the Polish company do brought me over with a 5 figure salary to work in Poland when unemployment rate is increasing in Poland.

Okay...please go through my previous posts. Lets not fight for your confusion
King Sobieski 2 | 714  
2 Jun 2008 /  #226
My ethnic origin is Indian. Now i work in Poland. If my IQ is very low why the Polish company do brought me over with a 5 figure salary to work in Poland when unemployment rate is increasing in Poland.

geez, unemployment benefits in australia nearly total five figures.
southern 73 | 7059  
3 Jun 2008 /  #227
What kind of games are these?Why my post was deleted?Who is complaining?
ShelleyS 14 | 2883  
3 Jun 2008 /  #228
why the Polish company do brought me over with a 5 figure salary to work in Poland

My ethnic origin is Indian

unemployment rate is increasing in Poland.

You obviously work for less than a Pole then because I seriously doubt you have skills any better than a native other than you speak punjabi (I'd make the most of it over there, because Poland may take the line that Britain is taking regarding the points system :) ) It's quite clear that your written English isn't the reason they brought you over though.
abcd1 - | 4  
3 Jun 2008 /  #229
Whats your point?

I apologize if i offended anyone. i just got pissed off when southern kept accusing me just because i am Indian

By the way i dont speak punjabi
amit_m - | 29  
11 Jun 2008 /  #230
I have been reading a few posts of yours, and my question to you is why is it that you need to justify to others about your abilities and your background and the country you come from is equally good to any other nation in the world. If people have closed mind, that’s their problem not yours. You just don’t' need to justify. I have had someone in Poland come and ask me many silly questions, the best one being….what mode of transportation did I use to attend school????

Obviously he thought I had a couple of elephants in my back yard….so elephant back is the best mode of transportation that I could afford. That particular person for me is an ignorant idiot. But he does not make feel that all Poles think about India the same way he does. I find today’s Polish generation very well informed and are aware of things happening around them. Let’s face it!!!....culturally and geographically Poland and India are Poles apart (smiles). So to interact with them closely we have to find something in common, luckily for me it’s my wife who is Polish. She does a pretty good job to bind me close to Polish culture. I can tell you one thing for sure, Poles… at least the one’s I know r very cold from outside. But once you get to know then and they accept you in their inner circle, they make the best of friends. As a matter of fact, I have better Polish friends than Indians. This is due to the fact that we try to understand each other with an open mind. So buddy!!. ..What I am getting at is no need to waste your time on people who don’t understand you or your culture. There is good and bad everywhere…..I am 100% sure that once you get to know few open minded polish……your perception will change…and u will learn to overlook few ignorant people who have a closed mind.
abcd1 - | 4  
16 Jun 2008 /  #231

i agree with you Amit. To be honest, most of the polish i have met in Poland are nice and good to interact with. Its just few ignorant ass holes i have seen here. Thanks for the message.
Reyaan - | 1  
29 Jun 2008 /  #232
Well i have been to poland couple of times i must say polish people are friendly & polish women are awesome.

I am a single indian male living in london, It would be a pleasure if i get to meet a polish girl for a longterm relationship in this forum, iam not counting on in these forums though.
tomek - | 134  
29 Jun 2008 /  #233
polish-indian hybrids look like turks - so would be best if those couples settle there
amit_m - | 29  
30 Jun 2008 /  #234
By the way this is Lisa Ray who hails from Canada. Has an Indian Father and Polish mother. Does she look Turkish...I don't think so!!!!!!!.By the sounds of it seems that you are an expert in human genetics and country of settlement. So please enlighten us here with your knowledge of human genetics and race settlements

wildrover 98 | 4431  
30 Jun 2008 /  #235
Is Indian/Polish relationship possible?

tomek - | 134  
1 Jul 2008 /  #236
Does she look Turkish...

Yes she does. And no, I wouldn't do her.
RunWithScissors - | 1  
12 Jul 2008 /  #237
yes, but like any other relationship, not without any challenges.

indian parents are more possessive about their daughters but their sons could much more easily go inter-ethnic without too much fuss.
nair - | 3  
28 Jul 2008 /  #238
Re: Indian 112

You made a bad choice mate. Dont generalise a society because you made a stale choice!

I know many indian border jumpers / illegal migrants in England getting married to any women from EU just to get a passport. The worst thing is, many of these wankers are already married back in India and later they dump these ladies once they get the passport. Is that better? shut up..
arsenio - | 11  
2 Aug 2008 /  #239
Kerala is where the majority of Christians are hence the morality
ShelleyS 14 | 2883  
2 Aug 2008 /  #240
Christians do have the highest morality or was that mortality....ask any priest or would that be a doctor?

I never did trust a man with a name a low as arse

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