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In what context should I take being told, "I like you very much" said by Polish guy?

21 Oct 2014 /  #1
I know it is not uncommon for polish guys to maintain close friendships with girls and have no romantic ties. Because of this I'm wondering if what I was told just means I like you as a person/friend or I like you as interested in dating you. My polish friend said a bunch of things in Polish to me, and later when I asked him what it all meant he told me he said he likes me very much and likes knowing me. Soooo.....I'm a little confused about where I stand.Does this mean we're best friends or should I be expecting a date eventually? A little help? Thanks!
Magdalena 3 | 1827  
21 Oct 2014 /  #2
"Lubić" ("to like") in Polish pretty much means friendship, it's not often used in romantic contexts. OTOH, if the person is really shy, they might be trying to send out positive signals without giving away their true feelings... This much is certain: somebody definitely likes you and enjoys your company. Only time can tell whether there's more to it... ;-)
21 Oct 2014 /  #3
He is probably trying to tell you just more than the regular "I like you", but he is afraid that you reject him, he is not sure yet what are your feelings about him. Of course I may be wrong since it's hard to judge from my position.

To clear this situation you should take the initiative and lead him to the direction where you feel more comfortable or... just leave it like this and see what happens next, but it may takes some time ;)
21 Oct 2014 /  #4
I would argue the contrary - I recently slept with a Polish girl about an hour after she said "bardzo cie lubie" ;)

If you want him to like you try to avoid being insecure and posting questions on internet forums like your post.

Insecurity .. like in most other countries is a also a turn off in Poland
21 Dec 2014 /  #5
Wow, your insight is admirable.

Nothing says I'm insecure more than a person who sleeps with a person they've only known for an hour.

Correction: They've openly liked for only an hour.

I'd hate to deny you your due credit sir.

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