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Metanium nappy cream availability in Poland?

Kevvy 2 | 37  
9 Apr 2014 /  #1
does anyone here know if any store ie. Rossman stocks metanium, I'm really desperate for some as my son has horrific nappy rash and it's a wonder cream I've asked in a few Apteka but no luck

thanks for any help
Snowflake - | 71  
9 Apr 2014 /  #2
Try to use white zinc cream called "sudocream". You can buy it in Rossman and Aplteka also.
It is in light gray ,roun receptacle, whit inscription on the red background. Try this, it is effective for napkin rash.
When our little one had napkin rash we decide to change nappy brand from Pampers to Rossmans babydream nappy, and it hepled.
OP Kevvy 2 | 37  
10 Apr 2014 /  #3
hej, thanks for your reply, I'm using sudocrem at the moment and it seems to be a little better than yeasterday
Snowflake - | 71  
10 Apr 2014 /  #4
Thanks, nice to hear it works. But you realy should consider changing brand of nappies.
OP Kevvy 2 | 37  
12 Apr 2014 /  #5
when i was in England i tried all the supermarket brands like tesco and sainsburys but they were awful, I'm using pampers premium here which are rarther expencive but never had a problem with them before, I may try some others when i next go to get some from rossman


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