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English Speaking Doctors (Psychiatrist) in Poland?

19 Jul 2013 /  #1
Hi everyone,
I went to Centrum Medyczne Zapaszarmy ,yesterday , and no one speaks English in there , Please I need to see a doctors who does speak English , and a Psychiatrist.

Where can I find? Please share info.
Many Thanks.
19 Jul 2013 /  #2
The LIM Centre, in the same building as the Marriott Hotel should be able to oblige.
OP swissi  
19 Jul 2013 /  #3
Thanks a lot. Is this in Poznan?
19 Jul 2013 /  #4
No. Warsaw.

Luxmed (I believe they're connected) operate centres in Poznan. The one on Roosevelt'a is a good bet for English speaking staff, however the helpline should be able to advise: s/lux-med-group-medical-centers/mc-poznan.html
19 Jul 2013 /  #5
There was a link on the PF page that would have brought you to the Synapsis Group. If you can't make use of their services in Poznan, they may be able to refer you to somebody who is in Poznan that can service you in English.
30 Jul 2014 /  #6
I can recomend you one doctor in Warsaw Anna Antosik - Wójcińska She speaks english fluently .
16 Jan 2015 /  #7
[Moved from]: Psychotherapy in Lodz? (provided by English-speaking therapists)

I was wondering if somebody here knows about psychotherapy service in Lodz, provided by English-speaking therapists. Also, what are the approximate costs? Thanks.
17 Jan 2015 /  #8
Check the MIND Institute in £ódź.

We provide counselling and psychotherapy in English.

For all queries or to book an appointment please contact us on 534 134 134 or send us a massage using our e-mail:

"send us a massage" :) It says something about their English level ;)

Look at the prices here:
19 Jan 2015 /  #9
Thanks! :)

I'll look it up!
4 Sep 2015 /  #10
Merged: English speaking psychiatrist in Warsaw, URGENT!

Hi everyone, I'm leaving to Poland in a month in order to settle and study there.

But I need to know the list of English speaking psychiatrist who works in Warsaw and who I can get some help.

I don't think my mental illness is that strong, some people like my friends and relatives are always afraid of my health.

SO,the point is that I can find any English speaking psychiatrist in Warsaw or not?

P.S. I have been suffered slightly with the obsessive-compulsive neurosis and depressive disorder for a year..
4 Sep 2015 /  #11
As per my (unfortunately huge) experience with doctors in Poland, a lot of them claim to speak several languages but they are not able to put 2 sentences together. The only (a very few) doctors speaking other languages reasonably well that I have met are very big shots in some public hospitals (but they were exceptions).

This am, a client of mine, married to a Russian woman was just talking to me about situation: all private clinics in Warsaw claim that all their doctors speak Russian and according to his Russian wife, they do not.

Good luck but don't expect "the moon"!
15 May 2016 /  #12
Warsaw: Dr Silczuk, very skillful and helpful
magda jl  
28 Jan 2017 /  #13
Hello, I am English speaking psychotherapist, my name is Magdalena Jaroch-Lidzbarska, I am cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, in a process of certification, and Certificated Drug Addiction Psychotherapist conducting psychotherapy for foreigners. From 2010 I work in the Clinic of Addiction Treatment in Gdynia with adults abusing and addicted to psychoactive substances and different kinds of behaviours (gambling, sex, shopping, computer, eating disorders etc.) and their families. I am also a lecturer in the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Sopot.

I have completed numerous courses improving my psychotherapeutic skills and submit my work regular clinical supervision. I work both in Polish and English with adult clients.

My offer of Individual Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy is directed to individuals who may have identified specific personal difficulties e.g.:

- abusing or addictions to psychoactive substances and different kinds of behaviours (gambling, sex, shopping, computer etc.)

- eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder)

- being a family of abusing or addicted person

- being Adult Child of Alcoholics

- depression

- anxiety disorders

- Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

- personality disorders

- emotional crises

I have my private practice in Wejherowo, Kwiatowa 7 street, where I invite the English speaking clients.

Contact: mobile 883 936 234, e-mail: docere6@gmail
28 Jan 2017 /  #14
Your English is excellent!

Only curious as to in which English-speaking countries you've worked, apart from the UK. Many Polish colleagues of mine have enjoyed lengthy sojourns in the States, Canada, even Australia, still others in formerly British colonies, such as in Zimbabwe, at local clinics, as well as in Nairobi, Kenya:-)


Please stick to the topic

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