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19 Apr 2011 /  #1

I wounder, does Poland have the law that defines poverty? Who is poor in Poland, or only european measurements are used?

Thanks for the assistance!
19 Apr 2011 /  #2
european measurements are used?

What is the European measurement for poverty?
OP Tetiana  
19 Apr 2011 /  #3
I mean by this poverty line which is 1,25$ or a diferent indexes (Gini, Lorens etc.).
In Ukraine family is considered to be poor with 919 UAH, which is 85$ per months
19 Apr 2011 /  #4
Here you have all about it (in Polish, data for 2008):

Definition is the same like in other EU countries:

A person is in danger of povert if lives in a houshold which income is below 60% of the median income per household in given country (I'm not sure if it is net or gross). So it is relative. Median per grownup person in household is 15720 pln yearly, so threshold is something close to 9400 pln yearly. Comparatively, threshold in Poland in PPS (Purchasing Power Standard) is 3900 PPS, in UK 11600 PPS, in Romania 1900 PPS.

There is 17% people under this threshold in Poland.

Here some EU wide statistics:
19 Apr 2011 /  #5
If you look at salaries, I think almost everyone is poor. We earn many times less than in Western EU, but prices are the same and sometimes even much higher. So many people working in ordinary jobs, like in supermarket, cleaning etc earn around 250$ per month, who can live with this??? But people live. I also worked in a supermarket for 1$ per h, students got 1.5$ because students don't pay taxes so they get more money, but still it is not normal to get 1$ per hour. Just enough to buy one bread or one liter of coca cola :( so sad. However not many people say they are poor. I would say retired people would consider themselves poor, if they get around 180$ per month or even less. But not all people get so little.
30 Apr 2011 /  #6
Minimum wage is 1,386 Polish złotych per month (523. U.S. dollars).

I also worked in a supermarket for 1$ per h,

1$ is 2.6 Polish zloty which is not what most people earn, even on the black.

I think you may have your dollar to zloty exchange rates mixed up.

students don't pay taxes so they get more money

This is true, educated and skilled work force = WIN!
30 Apr 2011 /  #7
does Poland have the law that defines poverty?

Some politicians would say it is people who shop in Biedronka.
30 Apr 2011 /  #8
That will be me soon enough, Trevek :) :) Nowt wrong with 14PLN wines from there :)

Those that hand out fliers for 5PLN an hour must be near the breadline and paltry people of earnings.

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