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Calendar for a coffin producer in Poland. Boxes for stiffs.

1 Oct 2010 /  #1
They do things different in Tczew - a girlie calendar for ... a coffin producer.

These people have a sense of humour - one local funeral director called his business "Hades" and is flourishing. Mind you, my parents were buried by a certain Eric F. Box.
away guy  
1 Oct 2010 /  #2
I want my funeral to be on a 4 legged bed thing about 15 m from the ground so the birds can eat me... i have a fear to be buried or cremated alive .....
OP Varsovian  
1 Oct 2010 /  #3
I sort of like the fact that in Poland they put you in a little mausoleum sort of thing, so they can get you out 50 years down the line and dispose of you quietly.

A burial in the ground is so in your face, final, brutal. But perhaps a Zoroastrian Tower of the Dead, where you get eaten by vultures and eagles isn't so brilliant. I mean, they drag your mortal remains all over the place.
away guy  
1 Oct 2010 /  #4
Yes true .. it was just my idea in my world... well if they could do it to my in the middle of a desert or in africa it would be okay hahaha
1 Oct 2010 /  #5
I am quite keen to be set adrift in a boat..and set on fire...!

Before anyone rushes over to my place with a boat and a gallon of benzine....

I should add that i want this doing after my death....
OP Varsovian  
1 Oct 2010 /  #7
Thanks for the belly laugh!
23 Feb 2015 /  #8
Hello! I want to say me more producers in Poland coffin. Thanks
23 Feb 2015 /  #9
stoian, this may help.

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