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Student with Austrian resident permit want to continue studying in Poland

20 Jun 2015 /  #1
I'm from a non EU country and I've spend 1 years studying in a university in Austria. I have my valid Austrian residence permit ( till 31st of August 2015). I actually didn't enjoy what I'm studying here so I decided to shift to another university in Poland and I got accepted.

So, Can I renewal my Austrian residence permit with a Karta pobytu ? If Yes, then when I apply should I say that I'm applying for my first residence permit or my second ?

Please I need an urgent reply. Thanks in advance
20 Jun 2015 /  #2
Please I need an urgent reply.

Then go first thing Monday morning to the Polish Embassy in Vienna. They will tell you what is and is not possible, and how to apply for the right Polish visa. Do it first thing Monday morning. Time is short, and it might already be too late. Make sure you have all your paperwork with you, including everything from the university in Poland.
OP zaynsaeed  
20 Jun 2015 /  #3
I already went to the Polish embassy but in my home country and explained the situation. They told me that I can enter Poland with my Austrian residence permit and apply for karta pobytu there but while checking the application form for the karta, I found that I have to tick whether 1- I entered Poland with a polish visa

2- I came to Poland before

In my case neither is right! I don't have a Polish visa on my passport and I've never been to Poland. so what should I tick in a situation like mine ?
20 Jun 2015 /  #4
What do you want us to tell you? Do you want us to tell you that the Polish consulate is wrong?

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