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Starting a private College in Poland - procedures and information

Robert Brown  
7 Jan 2011 /  #1
Hi everyone,

We are running a private college in London, UK and considering to open one in Poland (Krakow probably).
You are kindly requested to advise on
1. Procedures for opening a new set up,
2. Scope for the same
3. Any hiccups ( cz of regulations, govt. policies or locals attitude)
4. Renting building / floor criteria / procedures.
5. How about if we open the branch of our UK college in Poland? Do we need to get any accreditations and how to do it?

6. Or the best idea is to set up a new college than linking into UK one.

Thanking you all in anticipation.

Best regards,

7 Jan 2011 /  #2
Robert -

Give me a shout - I'd love to help you here. There's a lot of issues (the Polish mentality is totally different to the UK mentality) here - but I'd like to help :)
7 Jan 2011 /  #3
Starting a private College in Poland

can you tell us a bit more about that college?
7 Jan 2011 /  #4
can you tell us more about the college in London.maybe even a website, before we try to give feedback?
OP Robert Brown  
8 Jan 2011 /  #5

Yhe, sure,,,,,,,shall leave you an email

@Schlong & pgtx

We are a accredited college (affiliated with certain English bodies) giving education in business, IT and language skills.
Wont be able to reveal a website here at this point of time as we would not like our students/staff to know about any such plans for our own business reasons.

PS> Thanks for everyone's feedback...more are requested.
9 Jan 2011 /  #6
Yhe, sure,,,,,,,shall leave you an email

Cheers, I look forward to it :)
OP Robert Brown  
9 Jan 2011 /  #7
Thanks, Email sent. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

@all other members/visiters

Please share your knowledge / opinion...thanks
15 Feb 2012 /  #8
Merged: Legal requirements to open a private college in Poland for International Students?

I am in the education business for the last 10 years and would like to explore the education market in Poland for the international students.
I would appreciate if you can let me know any legal requirements to open a new college in Poland.


Ali Khan
16 Feb 2012 /  #9
There are no colleges in Poland - it's a different educational system.
16 Feb 2012 /  #10
Sure there are colleges in Poland! You mean simply not in the American sense of the word, but Poland obviously has top-flight universities and other institutions of higher learning, music conservatories etc.. You mean that in Europe, "university" does not equate to a US "college". In that sense, you're definitely right.
16 Feb 2012 /  #11
let me just tell you that those that can afford to pay for private college or university would rather send their children abroad- so that they can tell everyone that they pay for school abroad. it is a status thing.
16 Feb 2012 /  #12
In much of Western Europe, the top schools remain the generation-old public institutes, La Sorbonee, Oxford, University of Vienna etc.. and private colleges sound almost declasse , i.e. too "American" by comparison.
17 Feb 2012 /  #13
so there are no private college for international students who want to come to poland and complete their higher education???
17 Feb 2012 /  #14

Google is definitely your friend. You can thank me later.
30 Sep 2012 /  #15
contact me for college in poland 00447830308199

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