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Legal Advice of how to close a company owned in Poland

2 Jan 2014 /  #1
Hi All,

I am seeking some professional advice of how to close a company that is 50% owned here in Poland.

Basically the company has been going for 15 years but has only ever been a company on paper. Now my Mother in Law would like to close the company however the business partner that lives at the other end of country will not close it. Is there a way that it can be done or do you have any other suggestions of what would be a sensible solution to closing this ordeal.

I know I haven't given much detail but this is just a basic outline of what the situation is.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Kind regards,

2 Jan 2014 /  #2
we can help you with that problem if you wish;

we have to know what kind of company it is - sp. z o.o. (LLC), s.a (JSC) or other and see the articles of association.

After that we would give you our offer;
OP TomDimdom  
2 Jan 2014 /  #3


Thank you for your quick reply.

I can you tell you that the company is a sp. z o.o. (LLC).

We would be glad to hear your advice and your offer to help.

Kind regards,

OP TomDimdom  
3 Jan 2014 /  #4

Thanks for letting me know.

Can you let me know where you sent the email to as I can't find it anywhere?

Please send it to @hotmail .

Thanks again and I will look forward to reading your information.

Kind regards,

4 Jul 2015 /  #5
Merged: How to close an inactive sp. z o.o. company in Poland?

I wish to close sp z o.o company registered in Warsaw with no activity, please advise how to do so and costs of it.

4 Jul 2015 /  #6
Did it ever have any economic activity?

If so, you need an accountant. If not, then a lawyer will do.
6 Jul 2015 /  #7
Thank you for your reply.
No economic activity since its inception.
I already have accountant, will he be able to close the company because the lawyer asks for too much money.
6 Jul 2015 /  #8
I already have accountant, will he be able to close the company

A real accountant or just a book keeper (księgowa)? An accountant specialising in small firms should be able to deal with registration/deregistration issues of limited companies, however if you just use a księgowa, in Poland you would normally need to go to a lawyer for that sort of thing. Some might be able to do it, however most do not get involved with more complex tasks for limited companies.

It's very simple to do really - but if you don't speak Polish you will need a lawyer to prepare the paperwork.
6 Jul 2015 /  #9
They provide book keeping as well as make the balance sheet and other financial documents to submit to the tax office.
How much will it cost to hire a lawyer to do so ? How do I find the appropriate lawyer ?
6 Jul 2015 /  #10
So basically a book keeper - you do need a lawyer. Prices vary, but there are plenty of cheap ones. I'd look online.
6 Jul 2015 /  #11
do you have any suggestions / reference of the lawyers ?
6 Jul 2015 /  #12
I can recommend an excellent one by PM, however the company is not cheap.
29 Mar 2017 /  #13

How do I close a branch in Poland?

Hi there,
Does anyone know how I can close the branch of a company in Poland.
I found lots of information on the web for how to open a company etc.. but none seems to exist on closures.
What I am looking for is what is required (procedure) in closing a branch and whether it needs to be done in person or electronically, how much it costs etc.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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