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Consul asked me why I want to go to Poland. Would my student visa get refused?

24 Jul 2012 /  #1
consul asked me why i wanna go to poland?why chose poland? i said i have heard poland lack of english teachers,so i wanna study english there first,get teaching certificate and then teach there,and he nodded,and i am not from english speaking country, but my ielts got 6 and i think after study english for few years in poland i can improve my english and hope to teach polish students,but i think maybe my visa could be get rejected? although i had been to some european country before,i checked net they said embassy hope students to return after graduation,so i would be finished? obviously they will think i will stay after graduation and maybe immigrate,but i just like european culture coz i went to europe before so i wanna study there over experiencing culture there,and it is not like schengen visa which u can appeal,if my national visa got refused,what shall i do?
24 Jul 2012 /  #2
The consul did you a favour. Go to plan B.
OP dobry2123  
24 Jul 2012 /  #3
plan B? so u mean i will get rejected?
24 Jul 2012 /  #4
Your plan to improve your English language skills in order to teach English are, frankly, unrealistic. There is no shortage of English teachers in Poland. Sorry.
24 Jul 2012 /  #5
so u mean i will get rejected?

Most likely as it appears that you intend to stay in Poland after graduating but look at the bright side,one door closes but another may open.Like Teflecat said,the consul did you a favor so now you can pick a country more suitable for your plan which I believe is to live in Europe.Where are you from anyway?
7 Aug 2012 /  #6
Merged: Studying in Poland (university in Rzeszów)! Visa Problems...

I would like to study in Poland, I am already accepted in a university in Rzeszów. And they have sent me a conditional offer letter and they're waiting for the tuition fee to be transferred to their bank account and then they will send me the official acceptance letter.

But I have been rejected once to get a Polish Schengen Tourist Visa (For a 7-day stay) and I am pretty worried that I might get rejected again. I know that this time I should apply for "Polish National Student Visa" and it is way different than Schengen Tourist Visa but still I am so worried about anything ...

If I get rejected then taking back the tuition fee (2700 euros) will be a mess, I will lose about 100 euros just because of the transferring fee and also 200 euros is the application fee which will not be paid back to me.

Does anyone has any experience to help me about this ?
7 Aug 2012 /  #7
You should address the issues that led to the initial refusal. Secondly, prove to the Consular that you are a genuine student.

Good luck
7 Aug 2012 /  #8
They told me that they are not sure that I will go back to my country after my visa is expired so they didn't give me the visa!

prove them I am genuine ? The embassy was so strict really ... It was like I think they will accept nothing and they just give visas to no one
18 Aug 2016 /  #9
why you choose poland??
and answer is

i have opted Poland as my destination because it is not only land of education but knows as a pleasant place to living in friendly,safe environment and strong tradition of respect for human rights. i have compared various counties but reason to selecting poland is reasonable tution fees,world recognized education system and welcome environment for international students. and politically stable country. Moreover poland has a long education history of 650 years. which it makes more valuable for studies. also people of poland are highly educated and it is said poland is land of saints. thats why i choose poland for my education destination.
18 Aug 2016 /  #10
...and the fact that Poland is in the EU and you hope to get a job with EU recognizable qualifications has absolutely nothing to do with has it?
ARM 123  
15 Dec 2017 /  #11

i am from Pakistan, and my student visa was rejected by Poland embassy and they put reason of refusal are :

1- when applying for national visa you have stated the untruth and / or concealed the truth or you have forged or altered false personal data or use such a document as authentic.

i am totally confused about this refusal, could anyone help me out for this.?
15 Dec 2017 /  #12
The most obvious reasons are either that you submitted documents that were not 100% genuine, that something you said did not agree with what your documents said, or that your documents did not agree with each other. Or that you gave an evasive or implausible answer to a straightforward question.

Things are not looking good. This refusal and the detailed reasons for it have been entered into the VIS database. If you apply for a visa to any Schengen country in the future, the consul is obligated to check the database, and when they do, they will see exactly why you were refused for this visa, and will be very reluctant to issue you a new visa.

Sorry, but you are going to have to make plans to study elsewhere than in the EU. There is no point in appealing. To appeal, you have to prove that the consul acted contrary to the law, and that is going to be nigh impossible.
8 May 2019 /  #13
How we can check work permit accommodation and contract is correct or no, before go to the polish embassy.
Police clearness certificate is need if someone working other country and applying from this this country?

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