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EU citizen - exceeded 3 months in Poland

17 Oct 2016 /  #1
I am EU citizen and I got to Poland about a year ago and I didn't know that I would need to register to stay longer.

I already taveled to another EU countries and back without any problems(even though I was here for longer then 3 months at the time)

What options do I have? And how big are fines for exceeding stay like I did?

20 Oct 2016 /  #2
I made the same mistake - only after a year did I get my register. Got a pathetic piece of paper that anyone could have printed to be honest.

They didn't make any problems for me. Might depend on whether you have a job though - they are worried you will leech of the Polish benefits system as unbelievable as it may sound.

this is pretty comprehensive:,What-documents-do-I-have-to-submit.html
20 Oct 2016 /  #3
My cousin works as an immigration officer. She says she has wide discretion over what to do.
She usually gives entry bans to people in their 20s, 500EUR fines to people in their 30s,
700EUR fines in their 40s and 50s, and gives a warning to older people.
20 Oct 2016 /  #4
Oh dear, what a load of old cobblers.
21 Oct 2016 /  #5
lol, does something like that even exist ? nobody cares if you dont cause troubles !
21 Oct 2016 /  #6
Well in theory there's a fine but in reality I've never known anyone who was fined. As for the entry ban that's a total lie. EU law forbids any such thing.

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