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General Marian Langiewicz from Poland.

10 Jul 2016 /  #1
My family name is Langiewicz. My great great great grand uncle Marian Antoni Melchior Langiewicz. I wanted to know if anyone knows of any Donna Langiewicz's in or around Poland.
10 Jul 2016 /  #2
If you want people to help you, you will have to include more information if you have it.
Your ancestor is well known enough to be listed in Wiki:-

So I presume somewhere along the line you have done some research to arrive at looking for a Donna Langiewicz.
Anything you can list means you stand a better chance of people here being able to help you.
10 Jul 2016 /  #3
First in any research you need: dates, places, names of all people connected, marriage, children, any movements (i.e. left this town to go to another, left this country to go to another), affiliations to any societies, war records, army records - only then can someone try and help.

Giving a name without anything else is a long shot.

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