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A draft of your message - now automatically saved in your local web browser

Admin 25 | 404   Administrator
15 Mar 2017 /  #1
A new feature is implemented - now when you enter a message into the post form to add a reply or start a new thread, it will be automatically saved as a draft (in your local web browser) until you actually submit the form. It will allow to compose a forum message and get back to it to add to it / edit it if needed before posting it (or just save it as a reference); it will also protect it from getting lost during a power outage. The draft of your post should be saved even if the browser is closed / computer is restarted. It is only available to you (it is not saved on our server until you click on the submit button and post it).

To clear the message, click on the Reset button (or just delete the message within the form). Logged users may also clear all form data at once by visiting their profile page and clicking on the 'Clear Form Storage' button. Guest / unlogged users may do the same from the 'Sign Up' page.
delphiandomine 86 | 17823  
15 Mar 2017 /  #2
Admin, is there any chance you can introduce an option to turn this off?

edit: It isn't working too well - for instance, after I edit this message, I'll see the message saved in the message box even though I've posted it.

second edit: OK, it doesn't save the edit, but if I post a reply, it then saves the reply in the message box as well as posting the reply.
OP Admin 25 | 404   Administrator
15 Mar 2017 /  #3
It shouldn't save - try to press F5 to update your Javascript cache.
delphiandomine 86 | 17823  
16 Mar 2017 /  #4
Working now, thank you very much for your help Admin!
NoToForeigners 6 | 948  
17 Mar 2017 /  #5
When will you introduce the ignore feature? There is one already.

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