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American Lawyer in Poland

29 Jun 2007 /  #1
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what an American Lawyer needs to do to be able to practice in Poland. I know there are many American firms in Poland, but is there market for a lawyer in a small town somewhere? What must I do to be able to practice law in Poland?

Thank you,

J. Piotr
Ranj 21 | 948  
29 Jun 2007 /  #2
Although I have no expertise in the field of law, common sense tells me you should ask the firm that you might possibly be working with....I don't know if there's a demand for English Lawyers in Poland's smaller communities, but my guess is, since they are a part of the EU, it couldn't long as you can communicate in Polish (highly recommended if you plan to live in Poland), I think an English speaking practice could be quite lucrative! Good luck! :)
ArturSzastak 3 | 593  
29 Jun 2007 /  #3
as long as you can communicate in Polish (highly recommended if you plan to live in Poland),

As if that wasn't obvious enough. Ranj just had to make sure the man is one of those rare lawyers with a brain! :)
Eurola 4 | 1,909  
29 Jun 2007 /  #4
The laws in Poland are still murky. People don't practice suing over anything - yet. Maybe you want to start a trend? It could be quite helpful to many unjustly hurt people (for any reason) who don't even think about getting a lawyer...
OP mirkurij  
29 Jun 2007 /  #5
Eurola... interesting take. Thank you.
30 Jun 2007 /  #6
I have a friend who is Polish, and is working as a lawyer for an American investment Company in Warsaw, where they practise both legal systems. Maybe going down this avenue would be suitable for yourself.

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