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An American's likelihood of teaching English in Krakow?

26 Apr 2009 /  #1

It looks like there are some similar threads out there, so I'm sorry if this is redundant; from skimming, though, no one seems to have the same situation so I hope it's okay.

I'm an American who recently graduated with honors from a top university with a B.A. in linguistics. I'm currently on an international fellowship teaching English in Taiwan. I'm a native speaker of English, with advanced knowledge of French and Mandarin Chinese.

I'm hoping to get a teaching job in Krakow (or close to it) for the next school year.

I have no TEFL/CELTA/other certification, but I'm wondering if my linguistics degree and teaching experience might outweigh that. I'm planning on coming in as a tourist (giving myself 90 days to find a job?), taking a summer Polish course in Krakow, and job-hunting during the late summer. What are my odds of getting hired anywhere? Does the employer seek out the visa, or do I?

My background might also qualify me to teach Chinese or help with American college admissions, but I don't have the impression that these are in high demand. I'd also be happy with just about any relevant job, but my impression is that I can't do much without speaking Polish.

Any advice you could give me would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance!
michaelmansun 11 | 135  
5 Sep 2009 /  #2
I'm not surprised that no one answered your question. I am an American citizen and lived in Krakow for about 3 years. I lived in and around Poland for near 6 years. I taught in many schools in Krakow, Poznan, and Warsaw. Poland back then was an amazing experience for me. Very frustrating, very cold in the winter, ever lonely at times.

I was married to a Polish woman for 9 years, and I never received residency in Poland. I have several degrees in business and never had a certificate to teach. But that was a long time ago. With the changes in Poland, admission to the EU, Schengen Zone, all that, Poland seeks Europeans for teaching jobs first, then when all else fails they take a few Americans. Biggest problem is that students do not really want Americans, because their opportunities are not in the USA. They want British English because that is where they all run to make money.

A school will toss you a few hours, but few will sponosor you for a visa. When I lived in Krakow, I paid 100 bucks a month for a flat in the center of the city. That same flat rents for 600 bucks. Krakow was great back then, but I had a girlfriend. Alone it is very difficult. And when it grows cold, it is miserable.

Your post is an old one. What ever became of you?

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