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Purchasing online from Polish website while in USA

25 Aug 2006 /  #1
Hey, sorry if this is the wrong forum. Does anyone know of a website where an American can buy things on a Polish website. Am looking to buy some gifts and wanted to buy them in Poland, since they will be delivered within Poland. However, all 4 sites I've tried have required... "pesel"? Whatever the Polish version of a social security number is. And I don't have one of those.

Can anyone send me some place I can actually do this? Thanks in advance! :)
bolo 2 | 304  
25 Aug 2006 /  #2
Depends on what kind of things you are talking about...
OP JustinDT  
25 Aug 2006 /  #3
Perfume, books. The sort of things you would buy at an for instance.
25 Aug 2006 /  #4 - Not everyone want's to send stuff abroad. And it's not Amazon like but this is E-Bay way of shopping.
bolo 2 | 304  
25 Aug 2006 /  #5 - quite popular and one of the first online stores in Poland. Pesel is a number in a Polish ID-card (dowod osobisty)...
OP JustinDT  
25 Aug 2006 /  #6
gorgeous, Post #4 -

Nope, they need my passport or birth certificate or bank statement. And they're not getting any of them.

I'll try that, hopefully they don't require Pesel or the silly things Allegro makes forgeiners go through. I know basically what a Pesel is, I just don't have one and thus can't provide one.

Thanks, you two.
25 Aug 2006 /  #7
It sux they require such things -- some of these companies are still in the old era. But on the other hand - if not this, there is another one around the corner to choose from :).
OP JustinDT  
28 Aug 2006 /  #8
I think worked :) Does this look like it went through or failed? (Those # signs I put in for privacy, they aren't from Merlin)

Zamówienie #######
Stan realizacji:
przyjęte do realizacji

Przewidywany termin realizacji: do ##.##.06

Uwaga: termin otrzymania przesyłki = czas realizacji ("Wysyłamy w ciągu") + przewidywany czas dostawy kuriera lub poczty.

----products listed----

Koszty dostawy zostaną uwzględnione w cenach towarów proporcjonalnie do ich wartości.
Z powrotem
---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------

Hope so. Can someone please tell me? I guess I'll just leave that page open until I know. I figured everything else out, but this one seems a bit hard (and I'm tired now :) ). Wish I could edit posts to delete this later but oh well...

Thanks for the help!

Just a quick answer would do...
Admin 31 | 1,530   Administrator
29 Aug 2006 /  #9
Yes, the order successfully went thru :).
Qacer 38 | 125  
11 Aug 2007 /  #10
Merged: Online Polish stores?

Hello! I want to send a small thank you package to some people in Poland. However, if I send a package to UPS it will cost me $200 USD. Is there an online store like an version for Poland?

I think it would be better for me to order it online and have it shipped locally than from across the Atlantic. I also read the other shipping threads, but some seem hesistant of shipping goods via the post office.

slwkk 2 | 228  
11 Aug 2007 /  #11
I don't know online stores with English web pages, but if it could be in Polish, then:

(at least they have instructions in English)
Qacer 38 | 125  
12 Aug 2007 /  #12
Thanks! I was thinking more of a flower shop or a place that delivered packaged goods like a cheese and wine set. But the sites will surely be helpful to me in the future.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
12 Aug 2007 /  #13
Interflora........ for flowers
13 Aug 2007 /  #14

they deliver food from restaurants in warsaw, but also flowers

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