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losing canadian citizenship at age 28

impete82 3 | 29  
7 May 2008 /  #1
is anyone else in the pickle of losing their citizenship on their 28th birthday? you have to apply and whatnot, otherwise you'll be striped of it and lose all your rights. it's pretty stupid if you ask me, i've been living here for 20 years and to have my citizenship taken away like this is ridiculous.

it's really made me want to return home and start a life there lol now, how hard is that considering i've lived here my entire life almost :)
plk123 8 | 4,149  
7 May 2008 /  #2
what r u talkin' aboot?
cjj - | 281  
8 May 2008 /  #3

"Some citizens born outside Canada to a parent who was a Canadian at the time of their birth are required to make an application and meet certain requirements to keep (retain) Canadian citizenship before turning 28 years of age. This is called retention of Canadian citizenship.

"Retention applies to Canadians born outside Canada after February 14, 1977, to a Canadian parent who was also born outside Canada to a Canadian parent. The Citizenship Act says that this second generation born outside Canada will lose Canadian citizenship at age 28 unless steps are taken to retain it.

"No later than April 17, 2009 the law will change to end the need to retain citizenship for many people. However, people born outside Canada who are subject to the retention rules and who turn 28 before the new law comes into effect must still take action to retain citizenship."
plk123 8 | 4,149  
8 May 2008 /  #4
wow. never heard of this. pretty messed up if you ask me.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
8 May 2008 /  #5
And they say ignorantia iura neminem excusat, ignorance of the law excuses no-one but this is quite obscure. Not everyone is a law student and would know that.
cjj - | 281  
8 May 2008 /  #6
afaics it's relevant to people born outside of Canada in the 2nd generation ... or however that sentence goes. at that point you're either keeping in touch with the country (and what is needed to gain/retain citizenship) or you're not ..
Kasia84 8 | 40  
8 May 2008 /  #7
jeebus =// is this for real?? I haven't heard about it...I don't know whether I should make it a huge deal or not...but to me seems like a huge deal! agh' I should start packing for Europe :D viva europa! here I come! lol this is crazy...

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