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Possible TV Series about a Polish-British

29 Mar 2006 /  #1
I am a writer putting together a plot for a possible TV series about a lawyer whose family background on his father's side is Polish. My basic idea is to have his father born in England in 1940 as the son of a Polish airman who cmae to England and was killed in the Battle of Britain. I used to live in Ealing and one day I came accross the small military cemetry in south Ealing Road which was what gave me the idea, not least because it is, sadly, a largely forgotten piece of British history which I felt needed to be be more widely broadcast. Anyone who reads this message and can give me any helpful infromation, fopr example about where I could find out more about Polish airemne who fought in the Battle of Britain and gave gave their live for freedom would be greatly appreciated.
OP Guest  
29 Mar 2006 /  #2
You could start by watching the film 'The Battle Of Britain'
At the end of the film it lists the combatants from each country. [not by name but by the numbers who took part]
The film also shows some of the language problems Polish and Czech pilots faced.
It seems to be a fair account of what took place.

Regards S.
29 Mar 2006 /  #3
Thanks - I'll check the movie too..
OP Guest  
29 Mar 2006 /  #4
There is a book about the battle of Britain and the Polish contribution to it that most Poles read when they were in primary school.

The author was Arkady Fiedler and the Polish title is "Dywizjon 303". It is patriotic but not ideological. I don't know whether it has been translated into English but you might just be lucky enough to find at least some fragments translated.

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2 Apr 2006 /  #5
I would reccomend reading a book by Adam Zamoyski - The forgotten few about 303 squad. of the RAF (english text)
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5 Apr 2006 /  #6
Many thanks to those of you who replied to my request for informatin. All of your suggestions were very helpful. Living in Ealing, as i did for many yeras, i was became very conscious of the vibrant Polish community that existed there and made several friends among them.

Kind regads

Martin iller

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