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Poles returning to the UK

frd 7 | 1,401  
27 Nov 2009 /  #31
So that's the main incentive then, money?

Well.. yeah, you said it. And yeah there are people who want to move for cultural reasons hehe for example me :)
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
27 Nov 2009 /  #32
Returning to the money culture :( ;)
BritishEmpire - | 148  
29 Nov 2009 /  #33
When the recession hit and the exchange rate was poor, Polish workers left to return to Poland.

An increase in Polish workers indicates that the economy is recovering.
They work, get paid, pay tax, spend their money etc etc

In my area unemployment is at 2.5% - 1,6%.
There is a problem with recruitment and retention due to the rural demographics.

The picture may be different in London town and the like.

I dont see how that is a boost for the economy.

Yes poles work other people, many of which are sitting at home at the moment costing the country millions because there isn't enough jobs out there.

The unemployment in my area is near 8% so there is no need for anymore workers which is similiar to many big cities.

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